Dejà vu (song by Gustavo Cerati)

Déjà vu ” is a Latin Grammy winning song by Argentine rock musician Gustavo Cerati , produced by him and Héctor Castillo for the composer’s fifth studio album, ” Fuerza Natural “.

It was released on day 20 as July as 2009 in the Argentine radios.

Music video

The video was released 30 of September of 2009 through YouTube by the official channel of Cerati. This first video has been conceived behind an original idea based on arming with all the themes of Force Natural a unique and great video clip in the form of film or road movie , that forms a great history of surreal and fantastic trip through spaces, Times, places and characters. 1 These plans did not come to a conclusion due to Cerati’s cerebrovascular accident in May 2010.

Dejá vu , the first installment of this road movie, is a fragment of this journey in which Cerati travels with a strange light box through a lonely landscape. In turn, she encounters a repetitive image (a déjà vu ) of a woman who dances silently and wildly in front of a silver and luminous train that passes behind her like an infinite loop .

The video lasts 2 minutes and 38 seconds. It was produced and directed by [1] LANDIA in real locations of Salta , Argentina . The creative direction was in charge of Summer (Ricki Vior and Leo Prat), while the artistic one of Maxi Blanco, Andy Fogwill and Summer. The recording format was 16mm, the postproduction was carried out by Che revolution Post, the transfer and colorization by Jorge Russo, editing by Pablo Colella, photography by Guillermo Romero, dancer playing the Deja Vu is Loreley Portas, the Costumes by Manuel Morales, hairstyles by ROHO, makeup by Sebastián Estrada and Ivanna Kiss and casting by Villegas Bros. The head of production by Hernán Dalmasso.


The song was well accepted by critics and the general public. However, many expressed that their expectations for a return theme were greater. The critic Andre Casillas compared Cerati’s latest track with the famous Irish band U2 , saying that No Line on the Horizon would like to have a song as good as it is on it . His score was 7/10. Carlos Reyes and Jean-Stephane Beriot gave a rating of 6 points out of 10, arguing that ” Déjà vu ” is not one of the singer’s best songs. Juan Manuel Torreblanca said Déjà vu has a perfect pop structure and memorable melodies, along with poetic lyrics ; However, also opined in his criticism that he did not break my heart, does not lift me from the bed waiting to hear it, wanting to take a shower while I dance, does not change my life. His score was the best of the four, with 8 points over 10. 2

In the official page of the magazine Rolling Stone (in its Argentine edition) could hear the audio of Déjà vu from the day of launch. However, the editors did not express any opinion on the subject. 3

Data sheet

  • Letter , music , voice , electric guitars and programming – Gustavo Cerati
  • Battery – Sterling Campbell
  • Low – Fernando Nalé
  • Electric guitars – Gonzalo Córdoba
  • Hammond organ – Glenn Pastcha
  • Choirs , percussion and additional programming – Leandro Fresco


Chart (2009) Maximum position
Argentina Top 100 2
Chile Top 100 7
Colombia Top 40 12

End-of-year lists

List (2009) Position
Argentina Top 100 4 40


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