Crime (song)

Crimen ” is a song and simple created by Gustavo Cerati and interpreted by himself, is one of the most known and classic songs of his solo stage and one of his massive successes. The song is part of the album Here we go , released in 2006, as twelfth song. It was chosen in 2007, best rock song of America by the Latin Grammy Awards . 1

The music

The theme could be defined as a “rock ballad”, built on a mellow of soft rock with slow and delicate rhythms. The original version of the song was included in the album. Here we go , it has a well elaborated introduction starting with an instrument only, the piano, which Cerati described as strange in the beginning of a song with that instrument, being that there we go it is an album Very rock.


Cerati felt that the song did not fit into the album. Here we go and it was close to not being included in it, to the point that it was offered to the Colombian singer Shakira to be recorded when the song was called “Celos”. 2 The intervention of producer Tweety González , who only listened without the lyrics and liked it, was key to convince Cerati to include it. It was the last song to be recorded, in December of 2005. 3

Music video

It was directed by Joaquin Cambre , who also made the videos of “La exception” and ” Adiós “. The video is set in the 1950s, and Cerati appears saying the phrase: “Lately the days and nights seem too much, if something I learned in this city is that: there are no guarantees, no one gives you anything. Bad … but this case had to be solved .

The video shows a non-linear story, beginning with the ending: the discovery of the murder of a private detective (Gustavo Cerati) in his office at dawn. Then he returns to the past, where the circumstances in which this detective is brought to death are told. The night before, Cerati began investigating the private life of a beautiful woman (played by Monica Antonópulos ), on behalf of a client. He follows her to photograph her in their love affairs, and she surprises him. Being later the detective in a bar, she seduces him, to accede to the photographs that inculcate it. Both leave the place and drive to the Cerati office. Once there, she closes the door and shoots him repeatedly. The detective falls to the ground, dead, as it begins to dawn, and returns a few seconds before they find his body in the initial sequence of the video (after the preface reported by Cerati).

The staging is highlighted by a game of contrasts between lights and shadows, very much in the style of American black cinema, and in the domain of blue tone. In addition to a radical change in the style of the hair of Gustavo Cerati, who is known for his messy curls but in this production takes a hair slicked, combed carefully to the right side.

The official presentation of the video was made on May 9, 2006 at the Kandi bar / resto located in the Las Cañitas neighborhood (Báez 340) of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires at a special event sponsored by Mega 98.3 . Contests gave participants tickets to attend the event also attended by Gustavo Cerati himself , in addition to the work team of the video clip, the director Juan Pablo Olivares (director of several videos of Cerati) and the montajista Felipe Barra. The next day, the video clip began to circulate through the different musical channels of television.


  • Gustavo Cerati : guitar, vocals, choirs, piano, programming
  • Fernando Nalé : low
  • González bag : battery
  • Leandro Fresco : samplers
  • Fernando Samalea : bandoneon, electric battery
  • Tweety González : piano

[Edit] Related terms

  • Ricardo Mollo (singer, composer and guitarist of Divididos ) participated in one of the presentations of the tour interpreting “Crime” (at the request of Mollo) and Time Bomb (at the request of Cerati). The invitation was requested by Mollo to Cerati with the intention of eliminating the antagonism that existed between the public of Divided with Cerati 4 5 . This meeting took place on July 1, 2006 at Pepsi Music Stadium 6 7 . “Crime” also became the theme chosen by Mollo in the different participations that were to honor Cerati after having suffered a stroke in 2010 and his subsequent death in 2014.


  • The classic version is included in the album Here we go and is the one that runs in the video.
  • Colombian singer Nina Rodríguez recorded a version of “Crimen” for her 2013 debut album Nina Rodríguez .
  • The Chilean group La Ley recorded a version of “Crime” in LV Viña del Mar International Song Festival .
  • The Argentine group Salta la Banca recorded a version of “Crimen” in the year 2013 for the radio Rock and Pop.
  • Enrique Bunbury and Andrés Calamaro performed their version singing at a concert in Mexico honoring Gustavo Cerati in the year 2014 for his album live Hijos del pueblo . Referring to Fig.

Use in media

  • “Crime” was included in the soundtrack of the Channel 13 Single Television series again .
  • “Crime” was used in chapter 12 of the cycle of unitary La Celebration , entitled “Day of the Friend”.


Grammy Awards
  • 2007 | Winner “Best Rock Song”: “Crime”
MTV Video Music Awards Awards Latin America
  • 2006 | Winner “Best Rock Song”: “Crime”
  • 2006 | Nomination “Video of the year”: “Crime”
Carlos Gardel
  • 2007 | Winner “Song of the Year”: “Crime”
  • 2007 | Winner “Best video clip”: “Crime”
  • 2007 | Winner “Interpretation of the Year”: “Crime”
Rock & Pop Awards
  • 2007 | Winner “Live Performance of the Year”: “Crime”
  • 2007 | Nomination “Best video clip”: “Crime”

Rankings in rankings

In the channel MuchMusic Argentina has reached the number 1 position of its ranking, in which surprisingly it remained more than one month. This ranking is seen as much in Argentina as in Uruguay or in Paraguay , reason why it was technically in the lead in all three countries.

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