Condemned to live

Condemned to live is a Spanish telefilm of 2001 whose main argument is the life of Ramón Sampedro , quadriplegic since the age of 25, who developed an intense activity of judicial request to be able to die and that the person or persons who help him did not incur in crime, Given that his condition made him incapable of doing so without outside help.


The film is based on the life of Ramón Sampedro who was quadriplegic at 25 and asked for the right to end his own existence. Although the courts denied the right to it, finally it could fulfill its purpose thanks to the cyanide that supplied him to his friend Ramona Maneiro .


Several people have noticed that the poster of the film Mar in , released in 2004 and also based on the life of Sampedro, is very similar to the one of this telefilme. 1


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