Christian Worch

Christian Worch (born March 14, 1956) is one of the most important figures in the German neo-Nazi scene .


In 1974 Worch began to military in the organization Hansabande in Hamburg , along with Michael Kühnen. The group defaced Jewish cemeteries, assaulted leftists and foreigners, in January and denied the Holocaust . The group gradually became the National Socialist / National Activist Action Front (ANS) in 1977. Worch and Kühnen had close ties to the Wiking-Jugend .

Kühnen was arrested in 1979 and Worch took over the leadership of the ANS. In 1980 he was prosecuted for his political activism, receiving a three-year prison term, despite being defended by neo-Nazi lawyer Jürgen Rieger during his trial. In 1983, the organization was banned, so Worch joined the Freiheitliche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (FAP) and became its vice president. He also joined the Nationale Liste (National List), after its founding in 1989, and became an active member on its executive committee. He edited his own journal, Index , until September 1991 and was especially active in anti-fascist movements .

After Kühnen died in 1991, Worch, together with Winfried Arnulf Priem and Gottfried Küssel, took over the Gesinnungsgemeinschaft der Neuen Front (GDNF); This led him to receive two years of probation in 1994. He had to spend this time in jail from February 1996 because the ANS / NA continued his activities despite being banned but was put on Freedom in early 1997.

For a short time in the 1990s, Worch had close ties to the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD). In an interview, he defended his collaboration with the party, saying that “NPD as a party, of course, is only a means to spread our worldview.” However, since then he has distanced himself from training.

In 2012 he founded and became chairman of the far right party Die Rechte , continuing in this position until today.


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