Christa Schroeder

Emilie Christa Schroeder ( Hannoversch Munden , 19 of March of 1908 – Munich , Bavaria , 18 of June of 1984 ) was one of the personal secretaries and the second secretary of Adolf Hitler from 1933 to the end of the Nazi regime in World War II.


Christa Schroeder was born in the small town of Hannoversch Münden, studied secretarial in Nagold and worked in a law firm from 1929 to 1930. Later she worked as a stenographer at the Oberste SA-Führung .

In 1933, he came in response to a notice requesting personnel for the chancellery and was personally accepted by Hitler himself from a list of 87 candidates despite not belonging to the NSDAP , a basic requirement for positions of trust of the Nazi regime.

In 1934, Schroeder engaged with a Yugoslav diplomat, Alkonic Lav; however, Hitler did not approve of the relationship and this ended in 1941. 1

She was assigned to the staff of Wolfsschanze as a stenographer and came to know in detail the mundane aspects of the Nazi leader. She was then transferred with Traudl Junge , Johanna Wolf and Margareth Daranowski to the bunker where they shared a common bedroom.

As part of Hitler’s trusted personnel, they used to share lunch with Hitler along with the other secretaries and drivers. Christa Schroeder remained in the bunker until April 22, 1945, was sent to Berchtesgaden with Johanna Wolf to destroy documentation and was detained by the Americans in Bad Tölz . She was interrogated and released under the degree of sympathizer of the regime in 1948.

He held a legal battle over a book not authorized by her written and published by Albert Zoller , his insatiable interrogator while he was in prison who wrote a book called: Hitler in private. Experiences of a secret secretary in which supposedly the phrases that appear as said by her in that publication never said them. 2 In 1949, Schroeder wrote an autobiographical book called Hitler was my boss, the memoirs of Adolf Hitler’s secretary in response to Zoller’s supposed fallacy. He died on June 28 in 1984 in Munich.


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