Charles Lescat

Carlos Hipolito Lesca Saralegui , known as Charles Lescat or Lesca , ( Buenos Aires , Argentina , 19 as February as 1887 – ibid, 1948 ) was a journalist , military , writer , politician and Nazi collaborator Franco – Argentine . He volunteered during the First World War in the French army . Of extreme right tendencies, it maintained a friendship with Charles Maurras , leader of the Action Française and wrote a book titled Quand Israël revenge ( is : When Israel retaliates ).


He was born on 19 of February of 1887 in Buenos Aires within a family of Basque origin who had made a fortune in the field of trade in beef. In 1915 , while in Paris , he entered the French army as a volunteer, where he met the far-right Charles Maurras and with whom he established a friendship . In 1936, he was appointed director of the newspaper Je suis partout while collaborating with other publications, such as Le Cri du peuple . Years later, he collaborated with Nazism during the German occupation of France and was part of the central committee of the Legion of French Volunteers against Bolshevism . With the liberation of Paris , he took refuge in Germany before fleeing to Franco ‘s Spain . He then went into exile in 1946 for a few months in Uruguay and later sought refuge in Argentina during the government of Juan Domingo Perón . From his native homeland, he helped other Nazi fugitives, like Pierre Daye , to escape from justice. 1

He was sentenced to death in May 1947 by the Superior Court of Justice of Paris , but, despite repeated requests for extradition by France, he was never extradited. He died in Buenos Aires in 1948 .

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