Cerati Infinito

Cerati Infinity is a compilation album of Gustavo Cerati released in CD + DVD , released the 2 of June of 2015 . The compilation includes 19 songs from the different solo stages of Cerati, from Amor amarillo to Fuerza natural , passing through Bocanada , Siempre es hoy , the hit album Here we go and several of his videos on DVD.

It is the first compilation album edited posthumously that reunites the majors successes of its stage like soloist. 1

The compilation includes a poem that Luis Alberto Spinetta wrote in 2010 to Gustavo while he was in a coma after the stroke he suffered in Venezuela the 15 of maypole of 2010 in February , also includes a few words of Gustavo’s mother, Lilian Clark.

Poem by Spinetta

From Luis Alberto Spinetta to Gustavo Cerati :

God Guardian Crystal of guitars / that now / sadder / hang and wait / from your hands the word / Precipitating to the unfathomable / your caresses awaken me at the same time / in a world different from that of … / Your light is very Strong / is iridescent and highly psychedelic / I find you when the sun opens a slit / that generates notes on the shaded wall / And your music sounds on the screen / sos the restless angel that flies / the city of fury / We understand everything / you Voice warns us the truth / Your voice is more beautiful than ever

List of songs


No. Title Writer (s) Duration
1. «Natural Force» (from the album “Fuerza Natural”) Cerati – Benito Cerati 4:50
2. « Crime » (from the album “Vamos Vamos”) Cerati 3:48 a.m.
3. «Sudestada» (from the album “Siempre es Hoy”) Cerati 4:31
Four. « Déjà vu » (from the album “Fuerza Natural”) Cerati 3:24
5. « Bocanada » (from the album “Bocanada”) Cerati – Pablo Chaijale 4:07
6. « I take you to take me » (from the album “Amor Amarillo”) Cerati 5:36
7. « Lisa » (from the album “Amor Amarillo”) Cerati 4:25
8. «Magic» (from the album “Fuerza Natural”) Cerati – Adrián Paoletti 4:28
9. « Karaoke » (from the album “Siempre es Hoy”) Cerati 3:54
10. « Lake in the sky » (from the album “Vamos Vamos”) Cerati 5:05
eleven. «Immortal Walk (Radio edit)» (from the album “Bocanada”) Cerati – Francisco Bochatón 4:26
12. «Impossible Things» (from the album “Siempre es Hoy”) Cerati 5:05
13. « Rapto » (from the album “Fuerza Natural”) Cerati – Benito Cerati 3:56
14. « Goodbye » (from the album “Vamos Vamos”) Cerati – Benito Cerati 3:51
fifteen. «I was born for this» (from the album “Siempre es Hoy”) Cerati 3:09
16. “La Excepción” (from the album “Vamos Vamos”) Cerati 4:09
17. «I stay here» (from the album “Vamos Vamos”) Cerati 3:34
18. «Cactus» (from the album “Fuerza Natural”) Cerati 3:54
19. « Bridge » (from the album “Bocanada”) Cerati 4:33


N ° Video Album Recording
01 I take you to take me Yellow love study
02 Press study
03 Lisa study
04 Bridge Puff study
05 Immoral walk study
06 Taboo study
07 Cheats study
08 Babel River study
09 Meat verb 11 symphonic episodes Live
10 Impossible things Always is today study
eleven Karaoke study
12 Artifact Live
13 Crime Here we go study
14 The exeption study
fifteen Bye study
16 Lake in the sky study
17 I stay here study
18 Deja vu Natural force study
19 Rapture study


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