Cecilia Amenabar

Granella Maria Cecilia Amenábar ( Santiago , Chile , 5 as April as 1971 ) is a former model and artist Chile . Occasionally she is a conductor, photographer, audiovisual director, singer, actress and DJ. 1 Known for being the ex-wife of Gustavo Cerati and the mother of his two children.


Daughter of the businessman, aviator, race car driver and musician Juan Luis Amenábar Valverde and María Cecilia Granella Goich. 2 Her father died in 1977 in a plane crash when she was just 6 years old, and her mother in 2015. She is a distant relative of Juan Amenábar Ruiz (his grandfather was Cousin-brother of Amenabar Ruiz), pioneer of electroacoustic music in Chile. 3

From a very young age he was in contact with art and communications, both by his father musician and by his uncle Juan Enrique Amenábar also musician and man of the radio communications (cofounder of the Radio Concert ), to the latter he was to accompany the Press conference given by Soda Stereo in 1988 where he met Gustavo Cerati.

She made her debut as a model at the age of 15 in Paula Magazine. 4 He has also appeared in several television commercials for the Chilean market; “McKay Cookies” (1991), ” Philips Coffee makers ” (1992) and ” Pisco Capel ” (1992). Chilean photographer Roberto Edwards called it “the best model in Chile”.

After her modeling career, Amenábar conducted the Revolver program with the model Daniela Benavente , a cultural space for TVN . She worked as an actress in 2001 in the film Más bien (or + Bien ) (along with Damián de Santo and Gustavo Cerati ) and in the film Sexo con amor , in 2003. She was the director of several music videos.

Since 2004, Amenábar has been making disc jockey appearances in various nightclubs in Buenos Aires. Because she prefers people to focus on her music more than her, she usually asks for the lights to be off while she is playing.

He lives with his children in the Buenos Aires locality of Vicente López since 1994. 5

In radio she was the conductor (with Cristián Powditch) of “Autocontrol” during 2002 until 2004 in Radio Concierto , 6 and during 2005 of the weekly program “Concierto Enfoque” with Sergio Fortuño and Cristián Powditch.

Personal life

Cecilia Amenábar was the second wife of Argentine musician Gustavo Cerati, former leader of the band Soda Stereo . They went to live for a while in Santiago de Chile , where he married civilian on May 19, 1993 in Las Condes , 7 and 25 June 1993 religious marriage in the church Sacred Hearts, Providence . 8 The couple were together more than ten years and separated in February 2002. She has two children from this marriage, named Benito and Lisa.

She collaborated as a choir and double bass on her ex-husband’s first album, called Amor Amarre, in 1993, where she was also the lead actress of several music videos for the album, such as ” I take you to take me ” , (Song in which he is vocalista along with Gustavo ), in which he can be seen singing and also with an advanced state of pregnancy of the first son of the marriage, Benito. 9Press ” and ” Lisa ” which appears disguised as a jellyfish . She was also the director of her music videos in her different projects like Plan V and Leisure. Together they also lead the graphic campaign of the “Americanino” clothing brand in 1998.

It was the muse of the singer in his records with Soda Stereo : Song Animal (1990), Dynamo (1992), Dream Stereo (1995) and his solo albums Colores Santos (1992), yellow Love (1993) and Bocanada (1999) . Their separation also inspired the themes of the album Siempre es hoy (2002). 10

Some of the songs Gustavo inspired by this relationship were: ” I do not need verte (to know) ,” ” In swirls “, ” Primavera 0 “, “Chameleon”, ” Amoeba “, “Chiaroscuro”, “Yellow Love”, ” I take you (so that you take me) “,” Pulsar “,” Av. Alcorta “,” Now is never “,” A merced “,” Eternal disk “,” Zoom “,” Steps ” « Bridge », among others.



Year Title Character director
2001 + Good Friend of Barbara Eduardo Capilla
2003 Sex with love Elena Boris Quercia


Year Title Channel Notes
nineteen ninety six Stir TVN Presenter
1999-02 NMM – Enemilímetros Channel (a) Idea, production and co-direction
2007 Live Art 2 Channel (a) Presenter
2009 Antiarte Channel (a) Co-direction
2010 Antipop Channel (a) Address

Music videos

Year Title Artist (s) Notes
1990 «Double Opposite» The law
1993 «Lucero» Anachena
” I’ll take you to take me “ Gustavo Cerati
1994 « Pulsar » Gustavo Cerati
” Lisa “ Gustavo Cerati
nineteen ninety six ‘Crewman 2.3’ Plan V Address
1998 “Lantern” Antonio Birabent Address
«Barefoot passion» Altocamet Address
1999 «Lolol» Leisure Address
2000 «Cheats» Gustavo Cerati Co-direction
«Clap Beat» Leo García Co-direction
2003 «Communist China» Audioperú Address
2011 «Criminal sound» Capri
2013 “Distance” God that Co-direction
2013 «Give us time» Oddo


Year Program Transmitter Notes
2002-04 Self-control Radio Concert Coconductora
2005 Concert Focus Radio Concert Coconductora



  • 2003: House Disco 1 (House of the Bridge)
  • 2005: Casa Arena with Pedro Moscuzza (Bridge House)


  • 2014: I’ll see you back (Tribute to Gustavo Cerati )


  • 1993: Yellow Love (by Gustavo Cerati )
  • 2012: Careta (by Gonzalo Yáñez )
  • 2013: Give us the time ( Oddó )


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