Carlos Fuldner

Carlos Alberto Horst Fuldner Bruene ( Buenos Aires , Argentina , 16 as December as 1910 – Madrid , Spain , 1992 ) was a military , spy , politician and entrepreneur German – Argentine .


He served as Hauptsturmführer , equivalent to the rank of captain, SS and was a key figure within the ODESSA organization , which helped many Nazis escape Europe at the end of World War II by the so-called ratlines . 1 He fought and acted as interpreter between 1941 and 1943 in the Division of Spanish Volunteers on the Eastern Front . 2

Upon his return to Argentina, he held various political positions during the rule of Juan Domingo Perón in the 1940s and founded the company CAPRI Fuldner y Cía in the early 1950s . In Argentina and Spain he was known as Carlos Fuldner and in Germany as Horst Fuldner.


He was born in Buenos Aires the 16 of December of 1910 in a family of German immigrants . In 1922 his family returned to Germany . Ten years later he joined the Steel Helmets , a paramilitary organization that emerged in Germany after his defeat in World War I , and in 1932 to the SS and the NSDAP . In 1935 , because of having problems related to economic fraud in the SS, tried to escape to Argentina, but was discovered by the Gestapo in Bremerhaven and expelled from the SS.

In 1941, he joined the Blue Division to fight and act as an interpreter on the Eastern Front ; He would return to Germany in 1943. In 1944 he returned to the SS and in the same year was promoted to the rank of Hauptsturmführer . Walter Schellenberg instructed him at that time to study the possible escape routes of the National Socialists outside Europe. At the end of 1944 , he arrived from Berlin to Madrid to spy for SD and SIDE in Spain. After the German defeat in the Battle of Berlin , it was exiled in Spain and in 1946 began to be persecuted by the Allies . In 1947 he arrived in Argentina and from that year, with the support of the president of that country Juan Domingo Perón , he helped many Nazis flee to South America , among them Adolf Eichmann , Josef Mengele , Ronald Richter , August Siebrecht And Gerhard Bohne . In his native country, he founded the company CAPRI Fuldner y Cía (Argentine Company for Fuldner and Cía Industrial Projects and Achievements), which was dedicated to the installation of hydroelectric plants and the exploitation of other natural resources. He died in Madrid in 1992 . 3

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