The Bürgerbräukeller was a brewery of Munich founded in 1885 with capacity for about 1830 people.

It was one of the largest breweries of the company Bürgerliches Brauhaus and later merged with Löwenbräu and was transferred to that company. From there Adolf Hitler launched his Putsch of Munich or Putsch of the Brewery and marched towards the Feldherrnhalle in 1923 .

After 1933 , Hitler gave a speech to the participants of his failed coup every 8 November. There the 8 of November of 1939 , Hitler miraculously escaped an assassination attempt. Seven people were killed and 63 wounded by a bomb blast, but Hitler escaped without injuries as he had left the meeting minutes earlier. The author of the attack, Georg Elser , was executed in the Dachau concentration camp on 9 of April of 1945 .

The structure of the brewery was seriously damaged at the time of the assassination attempt and was never rebuilt.

In spite of this, Hitler returned the 8 of November of 1942 to give a new speech.

The venue was located on Rosenheimer Street in the Haidhausen district, now between the Gasteig Cultural Center and the City Hilton Hotel .

Today there is a memorial plaque dedicated to Georg Elser.


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