Broken dance

“‘ Danza rota’ ” is a song by Argentine rock band Soda Stereo , it was written by Gustavo Cerati and it was released as track # 4 in his second studio album Nothing Personal in 1985. Although it was not simple of broadcasting is a very song Known and popular of the band and one of the most remembered songs of Nothing personal along with the same ” Nothing personal “, ” When the tremor passes ” and ” Game of seduction “, perhaps it is the most popular song of this album that does not It was simple .

It was interpreted in many concerts of the band throughout its race, including in the Tour Me Verás Back of 2007.


It’s a song with New Wave influences . It starts with the keyboard, which stands out quite a bit. Then, they start the guitar, bass and drums and begin to shape the song. It is not very significant, but it shows a musical change with respect to its previous album Soda Stereo , although it still remembers a little to the new wave sound of some subjects of that album.


  • One of the most well-known versions is the Gira Me Verás Volver , which is very similar to the original.
  • Chilean singer / songwriter Gepe performed a cover of this song. It was included in 2014 in the tribute album Te veré volver .