Bridge (song)

Puente is a song and simple of the musician of rock Gustavo Cerati , written and composed by him. It was released as second single of Bocanada , its first album after Soda Stereo , and like fourth track of the disc. It became her first major success after the breakup of Soda Stereo and was nominated for the Latin Grammy for Best Rock Song .

It is recognized as one of the best works of Gustavo Cerati and was included in most of the recitals in which it was presented.

Rolling Stone magazine and the MTV chain placed it in the 59th place of the best songs in the history of Argentine rock .


The song begins in a climatic way, with psychedelic touches. However, Cerati suddenly breaks the passivity of the song in the chorus, where the song has a total turn in every direction, both rhythmic and sonorous, towards a much more rocky and crude style, with the presence of distorted guitars and a battery More powerful. The chorus has an epic style and seems almost intended for a stadium situation and for public participation. As curiosity, the original song was played with acoustic guitar, but in the live presentations Cerati rarely interpreted with this type of guitar.


In the music video Gustavo Cerati leads a kind of futuristic vehicle that serves as a taxi, to which different people are brought up, some are musicians who collaborated on the album, such as Flavio Etcheto and Leo García .

Awards and nominations

Latin Grammy:

  • 2002 | Nomination “Best rock song”: “Bridge”

Carlos Gardel Awards:

  • 2000 | Nomination “Best video clip”: “Bridge”

Rolling Stone Magazine, poll of journalists:

  • 2000 | Mention “Best theme”: “Bridge”