Blondi (1930- Berlin , April 30, 1945) 1 2 was the German shepherd dog of Adolf Hitler , given in 1941 3 4 by Martin Bormann . Blondi was with Hitler even after he moved to his underground bunker in January 1945. On March 5 6 or early April 7 8 9 (apparently 4 April) 1945, he had a litter of five puppies with the German shepherd of Gerdy Troost , Harras. Hitler named one of the “Wolf” cubs, his favorite nickname and the meaning of his name, Adolf (Noble Wolf) 10 11 and trained him personally. One of Blondi’s cubs was reserved for Eva Braun ‘s sister , Gretl. Eva sent Gretl a letter with a photo of Blondi and three of her cubs, with Gretl marked with an arrow. 12

Hitler was very affectionate with Blondi, keeping her at his side and letting her sleep in his bunker room, an affection that was not shared by Eva Braun, who preferred her two Scottish terrier dogs called Negus and Status (or Katuschka). 13 14 According to Hitler’s secretary, Traudl Junge , Eva hated Blondi and kicked her under the table. fifteen

In May 1942 Hitler bought another German shepherd “a minor officer at the Ingolstadt post office ” 16 for Blondi to have company. He called her Bella. 17

As a soldier in World War I , Hitler had great appreciation for a white fox terrier named “Fuchsl” and was affected when he lost it. 18 19 also obtained another German shepherd named “Prinz” in 1921, during his years of poverty, but was forced to leave in a kennel. Anyway, the dog managed to escape and return with him. Hitler, who adored the loyalty and obedience of the dog, developed a great taste for breeding. 20 He also had a German shepherd named “Muckl”. twenty-one

Before Blondi, Hitler had two other bitches of German shepherd breed, mother (born in 1926) and daughter (born in 1930), both called Blonda. In some 1930 photos, Blonda (the daughter) is incorrectly labeled Blondi.

Blondi was poisoned by an SS member on the morning of April 30, 1945 by order of Hitler, not long before his own suicide, since before the imminent defeat of Germany, he feared for his luck.


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