Black Legion (Croatia)

The Black Legion ( Croatian , Crna Legija ) was an elite paramilitary unit of the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) created in the fall of 1941, famous for its crimes against the civilian population.


The Black Legion was created in September of 1941 , ostensibly to protect the eastern border of the NDH infiltration of Yugoslav Partisans and bands Chetniks . 1 In practice, the activities of the unit consisting of the expulsion of non – Croat population through terror and extermination, among other nationalities, the Serb population of Bosnia . 1 received its name from the color of his uniform, theoretically because its first members were young Muslims whose parents had been killed at the hands of Chetniks and Partisans but actually chosen as the only color that was available fabric the uniforms. 2

Obsessed with death, the unit was a squad of assassins. 2

Feared by its victims and praised by Ustacha propaganda , 1 the unit was mainly made up of young people, many of whom were no older than eighteen. 3His caudillo, Jure Francetić , fell into combat in December 1942, becoming a hero to his supporters. 1

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