Black Box Final

Final Box Black ” is a song by Argentine rock band Soda Stereo . It was recorded in 1986 for her third album, Signos . 1


Although Gustavo Cerati did not explain the meaning of the letter, it seems to refer to the concept of black box used in airplanes or other transports to store information that is used after an accident. It could also be associated with the concept of black box used in computing that involves a way of seeing a process from the point of view of the inputs it receives and the outputs or responses that it produces, regardless of its internal functioning. So when the song talks about opening the black box would be a kind of contradiction by wanting to see what is inside.


The song starts with a guitar riff, next to the drums, followed by bass and synthesizers. In the version of the Dream Tour Stereo , you will be added violin and sampler in the instruments. The version of the Tour Me Verás Volver is more rocker than the original.


There are 2 known versions:

  • The first, the original version.
  • The second, the version of the Tour Me Verás Volver , recorded at the Stadium River Plate, on December 21, 2007.
  • The most rocker version of the song was recorded during one of the concerts that Soda made in Spain during the Animal Tour .


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