Between cannibals (song)

Entre Caníbales is a song created by Gustavo Cerati and performed by the Argentine band Soda Stereo . It is part of his album Canción Animal .

The beginning of 2 guitars in stereo leads us to the beginning of the song. The letter of the same begins with the phrase “an eternity I waited this instant”. When the guitar solo begins, the song changes its tone, going from Lam to Solm. Cerati, on the other hand, also uses the mentioned phrase to begin the concerts of the tour Me Verás Volver , during the first subject, Game of seduction . Appears on the DVD, after the Intro. I’m out of your return tour You’ll See Me Back .

This song is also found in Comfort and Music to Fly (MTV Unplugged).

Use of song

It is used as the main theme of the novel Entre caníbales en 2015


  • Gustavo Cerati : Voices, acoustic and electric guitars
  • Zeta Bosio : Bass
  • Charly Alberti : Drums

Musicians Invited

    • Tweety González : Keyboards
    • Andrea Álvarez : Percussion