Bent (film)

Bent (in English ‘twisted’ or ‘crooked’,applied to homosexuals ) is a film British of 1997 with thematic LGBT directed by Sean Mathias and starring Clive Owen , Lothaire Bluteau and Ian McKellen . It is based on the homonymous play of 1979 by Martin Sherman , in turn inspired by the men of the pink triangles , the Testl survivor to concentration camps Hans Heger .

The film tells of the persecution of homosexuals in the Third Reich from the events of the Night of the Long Knives and the murder of the Nazi leader Ernst Röhm , with a homosexual tendency.


Max is a promiscuous gay homosexual from Berlin , who takes very despite his boyfriend Rudy, a handsome member of Sturmabteilung to his house, after a party of the Greta transformant . There, the handsome guest is murdered by sturmabteilung , in a Hitler campaign to eliminate homosexuals from his army. Freddie, Uncle Max, also homosexual, although with a more discreet life contracting hustlers , Max offers new roles to be saved, but refuses because he wants to leave Rudy. The couple is arrested by the Gestapo and sent by train to the concentration camp of Dachau .

On the train, Rudy is beaten to death by guards and Max is forced to have sex with a teenager to prove he is not gay . Max lies to the guards telling them that he is Jewish , since he sees greater possibilities of survival with the yellow star (assigned to Jewish prisoners ) than with the pink triangle (assigned to homosexuals).

In Dachau he will meet Horst, a gay man proud to wear the pink triangle, for which he will begin to have feelings, despite all the obstacles that his environment implies, and they will dream together a paradise where they can be happy. They will be lovers only through thought and their words. Horst is killed by guards and Max commits suicide, dressed in Horst’s uniform, on the electrified fence.


  • Clive Owen : Max
  • Lothaire Bluteau : Horst
  • Ian McKellen : Freddie
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau : Wolf
  • Mick Jagger : Greta / George
  • Brian Webber : Rudy
  • Rachel Weisz ː Prostitute


The film is described as “A punch in the gut and a kiss on the lips”, 1 due to the hardness of the tape, especially in the murder of Rudy by the guards on the train, and the sweetness of the deal The love story of the protagonists, a hopeful love in the middle of the desperation of the concentration camp .

The work of the actors does not leave us indifferent, as the work of the protagonists is superb, as is the surprising appearance of the Rolling Stones vocalist , Mick Jagger , in the role of a transforming artist . 2


  • International Cannes Film Festival : Young Jury Award for Best Feature Film. 3
  • Gijón Film Festival : Best Actor Lothaire Bluteau . 4

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