Baranovichi Ghetto

The Germans established a ghetto Baranovichi in 1941 as a concentration camp population Jewish survivor of the slaughter of Baranovichi , during World War II .


In the autumn of 1941 , when the Germans launched the invasion of the Soviet Union , they arrived in the Polish-Belorussian city of Baranovichi ( Polish : Baranjwicze until 1939 was part of Poland ), located 206 km from Brest , where Carried out a massacre against the local Jewish population in November 1941, about 5 km from the city, near the village Grobovets. 1

The surviving Jews were confined in a ghetto that occupied 10 blocks of the city between the streets Vilenskaya, Komsomolskaya, Alesia Garuna and Kotelnaiya. The ghetto was surrounded by barbed wire fences and heavily guarded. By December 1941 there were about 15,000 Jews concentrated there. 2

The ghetto was liquidated in three stages. On 4 March 1942 2,400 people were deported, 22 September 1942 another 5,000 people and on 17 December 1943 the last 3,000 people. Some of the prisoners were transferred to other ghettos, while the majority were deported to Concentration and extermination camps.


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