Attacks on Hitler

During his life policy the dictator German Adolf Hitler was the subject of several attacks , some sources cite at least 42 attempts, but none succeeded because Hitler was permanently in the custody of theSS to keep it safe and suddenly varied his schedule , advancing or Shortening its permanence in the places that it visited or changed of route or dates of scheduled activities without previous warning or simply by unexpected events.

To plan and carry out the actions required the conspirators to be the most cold-blooded, and to be willing to assume that if they failed, not only did they await an ignominious and humiliating death, but that it would also affect their families and acquaintances. The attempts came as much from the allies as from their innermost circles.

It is said that Hitler also had a double, which replaced him in more than one occasion ( Czechoslovakia ) and that he perished in the Battle of Berlin , in one of the corridors of the Chancellery.

Attempts of attacks against Hitler

Most historians estimate that at least 42 attempts were attempted against the life of Hitler, being historically remembered 6 times:

The first in 1923, when Hitler almost lost his life when he was injured by a projectile by the German police, in his attempt to thwart Hitler’s attempted coup in November 1923. This was the only attempt to attempt Against his person before he took possession of the government.

The 8 of November of 1939 , a watchmaker and German carpenter named Georg Elser , planned and built and installed a device in one of the columns of the dais in the Bürgerbräukeller brewery. Hitler, who was to give a speech on the occasion of the Putsch of 1923, appeared half an hour before and spoke before a crowded crowd. This speech was due to end around 10 at night, but Hitler abruptly finalized it to 21:07 and retired of the place. Thirteen minutes after leaving, the bomb exploded and killed seven people, leaving the place in ruins. Elser was arrested and executed five years later, on 9 April 1945 , at the Dachau concentration camp . [ Citation needed ]

Another failed attempt was the one made with barometric bombs on March 17, 1943 by Fabian von Schlabrendorff , on the Condor , Hitler’s personal plane, which did not explode due to temperature. The same thing happened with the plan to blow up your special train.

Captain Axel von dem Bussche , the 17 of December of 1943 , Captain Rudolf-Christoph von Gersdorff the 21 of March of 1943 , Lieutenant Ewald Heinrich von Kleist early 1944 and Eberhard von Breitenbuch the November to March of 1944 , organized by The colonel Claus von Stauffenberg , tried to kill Hitler committing suicide next to him, nevertheless they did not manage to approach the Führer. [ Citation needed ]

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The British decided to assassinate him in 1944, when Hitler appeared in Berghof . An exhaustive study of his habits was made and several plans were made, all with a dubious probability of success. It is said that a plan was the introduction of commands in that place, the use of snipers , and the poisoning of their food by means of an undercover cook. Another of the attempts was to poison the green tea , drink of which Hitler was assiduous.

The attempt that was most likely to succeed was undoubtedly the one perpetrated in the July 20, 1944 Attack by Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg to trigger the execution of the Valkyrie Plan . 1 Stauffenberg was able to place a powerful chemical detonator-powered bomb less than a couple of meters from the Führer and withdrew. However, one of those present, Heinz Brandt stumbled upon the briefcase carried by the device and moved it behind the thick legs of the table where Hitler was leaning . The bomb exploded and killed four people and struck Hitler lightly. There have even been several films made on this fact. 2