Arthur Liebehenschel

Arthur Liebehenschel ( Posen , 25 of November of 1901 – Krakow , 24 of January of 1948 ) was an official Nazi who ran the concentration camp of Auschwitz in 1943 to leave his post Rudolf Höß . After the war, he was extradited to Poland by the army of the United States . In 1947 , he was sentenced to death by the People’s Supreme Court and executed in Krakow .

Beginnings in Nazism

Arthur Liebenhenschel was Obersturmbannführer of the SS , corresponding to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel . Born in 1901. Member of the NSDAP and SS with the number 39254 was from 1934 adjutant in the concentration camp of Lichtenburg and moved in 1936 to Berlin , to the Office of the Concentration Camps. In 1942 the WVHA of the SS was created; in the newly formed group D office to concentration camps he took over the Central Office, the office D I. The 1 of November of 1943 happened to Rudolf Höß at Auschwitz as commander of the central field and as a veteran of the concentration camp system .

Participation in the Holocaust

Liebehenschel began a new stage in the history of Auschwitz . Its reforms were first applied in Block 11 (Political Police). It suspended the periodic selections with their consequent executions in the bunker. It was not that they stopped running the executions, but that they ran farther from the central camp, in the crematoria of Birkenau . He gave the order to dismantle the cells in which the inmates could only stand, for there was no place for them to sit or lie down, and in which the detainees had been locked up in the form of punishment. He issued a general amnesty for the bunker and ordered the dismantling of the Black Wall (execution wall). He also revoked the order to shoot the detainees in an attempt to escape. Thereafter, all the detainees caught in the flight were to be transferred to another concentration camp. However, the selections and extermination on the field continued.

The end

In 1944 it was replaced and transferred to the concentration camp Lublin ( Majdanek ) as commander. After the evacuation of this area, in July 1944 , he was transferred to Trieste , to the office of Superior Fuehrer SS and Police Odilo Globocnik . In 1947, Liebehenschel was sentenced to death by the Supreme People’s Court in Krakow being executed there.