Annex: Videography by Gustavo Cerati

Videography Argentine musician Gustavo Cerati ( Buenos Aires , November of August of 1959 -ibídem, 4 of September of 2014 ), leader of the band Soda Stereo .

Music videos

As an interpreter

Title Other artist (s) Director (s) Album Year
” I’ll take you to take me “ Cecilia Amenábar Daniel Bohm
Pablo Fischerman
Yellow love 1993
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profile to …
Yellow love 1993
” Lisa “ Ariel Guelferbein Yellow love 1994
« Bridge » Andy Fogwill Puff 1999
« Immoral Walk » Gustavo Cerati
Picky Talarico
Puff 1999
“Taboo” Stanley Puff 2000
«Cheats» Cecilia Amenábar
Eduardo Capilla
Puff 2000
«Babel River» Emiliano López Puff 2000
“Impossible things” Diego Kaplan
Juan Antín
Always is today 2003
Karaoke Sebastián Sánchez Always is today 2003
“Artifact” Sebastián Sánchez Always is today 2003
“Crime” Joaquín Cambre Here we go 2006
“The exeption” Ezequiel de San Pablo
Jorge Jaramillo
Antonio Balseiro
Here we go 2006
“Bye” Joaquín Cambre Here we go 2007
“I stay here” Oscar Fernández
Reino y Landia
Here we go 2008
“Deja vu” Andy Fogwill
Maxi White
Natural force 2009
“Rapture” Andy Fogwill
Maxi White
Natural force 2009

Special appearances

Titles Artist (s) director Album Year
“Treasure” Leo García Crescent 2005
I will never go I can not stand Airplane 2008
«19» Emmanuel Horvilleur Nibble 2009


Title Role Presenter Notes
Cave Invited Antonio Birabent
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Come with me Musical guest (with Cecilia Amenábar ) Chicken Sources
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Rhythm of the Night Musical guest Marcelo Tinelli
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The tricycle Guest (with Cecilia Amenábar ) Comparini / Morandé / Paulsen
Plaza Italia Invited Marcelo Comparini
Susana Giménez Invited Susana Giménez
All x 2 Musical guest Diego Capusotto & Fabio Alberti
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Morning person Invited Brozo
MTV Latin America Awards Presentation Diego Luna
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Viña del Mar Festival Presentation Sergio Lagos & Tonka Tomicic
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Year Title Notes
2002 11 symphonic episodes

  • Released: January 15, 2002
  • Label: BMG
  • Formats: DVD
Concert at Teatro Avenida (2001)
2004 Selected songs 93-04

  • Released: October 13, 2004
  • Label: BMG
  • Formats: DVD
Music videos of Gustavo Cerati 1993-2004
2007 11 symphonic episodes

  • Released: April 25, 2007
  • Label: Sony / BMG
  • Formats: DVD
Concert at Pepsi Music Stadium (2006) + Documentary Gira