Annex: Streets designated as Adolf Hitler

This is a main listing of the streets and squares designated by the name of Adolf Hitler during the era of the Third German Empire (1933-1945).


The swiftness and speed with which the Teutonic municipal authorities attempted, dizzyingly after the Ascent to Hitler’s power , to play their role in the “National Uprising” (in Germano: Erhebung ) is illustrative in the ordinary practice of granting honorary citizenship of villas to Führer and even more to modify the nomenclature of a street ( Straße ), a square ( Platz ), a walk ( Anlage ), an avenue ( Damm , Allee ), a sports stadium ( Kampfbahn ), or a viaduct or ferry ( Brücke ) With the name of the new chancellor. In March and April of 1933 , there was a wave of alterations in the street, with a full reorganization during this convulsive and feverish period.

List of Public Ways

  • Adolf-Hitler-Straße : Adolf-Hitler Street
  • Adolf-Hitler-Allee : Adolf-Hitler Avenue
  • Adolf-Hitler-Platz : Square-Glorieta Adolf-Hitler
  • Adolf-Hitler-Brücke : Adolf Hitler Bridge


City Name of 1933-1945 Before 1933 / After 1945
Berlin Adolf-Hitler-Platz (Charlottenburg, name given by the Chancellor in anticipation of a possible “Final Victory”) Reichskanzlerplatz / Theodor-Heuss-Platz
Berlin Adolf-Hitler-Sport-Platz
Bratislava Adolf-Hitler-straße Masarykova (1918-1938) / Benešova (1945-1948) / Stalinova (1948-1989) / Zadunajská cesta (1989-present)
Bremen Adolf-Hitler-Brücke (Lüderitzbrücke after 1939) Große Weserbrücke (1961)
Bremen Adolf-Hitler-Brücke (new in 1939) Westbrücke / Stephaniebrücke
Bremen Adolf-Hitler-Platz (Hemelingen) Rathausplatz
Bremen Adolf-Hitler-Platz (Lesum) An der Lesumer Kirche
Bremen Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Aumund) Hammersbecker Straße
Bremen Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Lesum) Kellerstraße
( Wrocław , Poland)
Adolf-Hitler-Straße Friedrich-Ebert-Straße / Mickiewicza street
Budapest Hitler Adolf tér (1938-1945) Kodály körönd
Colony Adolf-Hitler-Platz Platz der Republik / Deutscher Platz (Ebertplatz after 1950)
Krakow , Poland Adolf-Hitler-Platz (1939-1944) Marketplace
Dortmund Adolf-Hitler-Allee Hainallee
Düsseldorf Adolf-Hitler-Platz Graf-Adolf-Platz
Düsseldorf Adolf-Hitler-Straße Haroldstraße
Eppingen Adolf-Hitler-Straße Brettener Straße
Essen Adolf-Hitler-Platz Burgplatz
Essen Adolf-Hitler-Straße Kettwiger Straße; Viehofer Straße
Esslingen am Neckar Adolf Hitlerplatz – / Marktplatz
Euskirchen Adolf-Hitler-Straße Hochstraße
(now Twardogóra , Poland)
Adolf Hitler Platz Plac Piastow
Frankfurt am Main Adolf-Hitler-Anlage Gallus-Anlage
Freising Adolf-Hitler-Straße Obere Hauptstraße
( Gdynia , Poland)
Adolf-Hitler-Straße Świętojańska
Hagen Adolf-Hitler-Straße (1945-1960) Ebertstraße; Played the role of Main Via B7 assumed by near from Graf-von-Galen-Ring, until being destroyed more of the quarter in 1960.
Hamburg Adolf-Hitler-Platz Rathausmarkt
Hamburg Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Winterhude) Bebelallee
Hamburg Adolf-Hitler-Platz (Altona) Platz der Republik
Hamburg Adolf-Hitler-Damm (Wandsbek) Friedrich-Ebert- Adam
Hamburg Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Wilhelmsburg) Wilhelmsburger Reichsstraße
Hannover Adolf-Hitler-Platz ( Hermann-Göring -Platz later, after 15 September 1933) Corvinusplatz
Hannover Adolf-Hitler-Platz Theaterplatz
Hannover Adolf-Hitler-Straße Bahnhofstraße
(homey Jihlava , Czech Republic)
Adolf-Hitler-Platz Masarykovo náměstí
( Krnov , Czech Republic)
Adolf-Hitler-Platz Hlavní náměstí (Main Square)
Kiel Adolf-Hitler-Platz Neumarkt / Rathausplatz
( Kaliningrad , Russia)
Adolf-Hitler-Platz Ploshchad Pobedy (Victory Square)
(homey Włocławek , Poland)
Adolf-Hitler-Platz Plac Wolności (Freedom Square)
(hodierno Lodz , Poland)
Adolf-Hitler-Straße (1939-1944) Piotrkowska Street 1
Memel (now Klaipėda , Lithuania ) Adolf-Hitler-Straße After 1939, Prezidento Smetonos Alejo / Präsident Smetona Allee
Munich Adolf-Hitler-Platz (Pasing) Avenariusplatz
Munich Adolf-Hitler-Allee (Solln) Diefenbachstraße
Munich Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Obermenzing) Verdistraße
Munich Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Untermenzing) Eversbuschstraße
Munich Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Allach) Vesaliusstraße
Munich Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Aubing) Limesstraße
Munich Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Lochhausen) Schussenrieder Straße
Nuremberg Adolf-Hitler-Platz Hauptmarkt
Osnabrück Adolf-Hitler-Platz Neumarkt
Osnabrück Adolf-Hitler-Straße Bramstraße
Riga , Latvia Adolf-Hitler-Allee (1942-1944)
Adolf-Hitler-Straße (1942-1944)
Brīvības bulvāris
Brīvības iela
Rome , Italy Viale Adolf Hitler Viale dei Partigiani
Saarbrücken Adolf-Hitler-Straße (1935-1945) Bahnhofstraße
Stuttgart Adolf-Hitler-Straße Planie
Stuttgart Adolf-Hitler-Platz (Birkach) Bei der Linde
Stuttgart Adolf-Hitler-Platz (Stammheim)
Stuttgart Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Feuerbach) Stuttgarter Straße
Stuttgart Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Plieningen) Paracelsusstraße
Stuttgart Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Möhringen) Laustraße
Stuttgart Adolf-Hitler-Straße (Vaihingen) Böblinger Straße / Hauptstraße
Stuttgart Adolf-Hitler-Kampfbahn (Bad Cannstatt) Neckarstadion
Tallinn , Estonia Adolf-Hitler-Straße (1942-1944) Narva maantee
Tartu , Estonia Adolf-Hitler-Platz (1942-1944) Raekoja plats
Valkenburg aan de Geul , Netherlands Adolf Hitler-Allee (1942-1944) Kloosterweg
Vienna Adolf-Hitler-Platz (1938-1945) Rathausplatz
Sofia , Bulgaria Adolf Hitler blvd. Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi Boulevard 2
Warsaw , Poland Adolf-Hitler-Platz (1939-1944) Piłsudski Square , officially Saski Square (Saxon Square, named in this way for the location of the Saxon Palace ) 1818-1928, 1939-40, 1945-46
Zittau Adolf-Hitler-Straße


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