Annex: Movies about the Holocaust

This is an index of all the films and documentaries that deal with the Holocaust that took place in Europe between 1938 and 1945 .



Year country Title director Language Notes
1940  U.S The great Dictator Charlie Chaplin English Starring Charlie Chaplin , Paulette Goddard and Jack Oakie , it was released before the United States entered World War II . It is one of the first films that criticizes Hitler and the Nazi regime .
1944  U.S The Seventh Cross Fred Zinnemann English Starring Spencer Tracy , Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy
1946  U.S The Stranger Orson Welles English Starring Orson Welles , Edward G. Robinson and Loretta Young . First film that included images of concentration camps .
1948  Poland Ostatni etap Wanda Jakuboska Polish Starring Tatjana Gorecka, Antonina Gordon-Górecka, Barbara Drapinska and Aleksandra Slaska. First dramatic film about the known Holocaust.
1948  Poland Israel Our children Natan Gross / Shaul Goskind Yiddish Starring Shimon Dzigan and Israel Schumacher .
1948  U.S The Lost Angels Fred Zinnemann English Starring Montgomery Clift
1949  United States West Germany Lang ist der Weg Herbert B. Fredersdorf and Marek Goldstein Yiddish and Polish


Year country Title director Language Notes
1950  Czechoslovakia Daleká cesta Alfréd Radok Czech
1953  U.S The Juggler Edward Dmytryk English Starring Kirk Douglas
1956  U.S Singing in the Dark Max Nosseck English Musical about a Holocaust survivor with amnesia .
1959  East Germany Bulgaria Sterne Konrad Wolf German and Bulgarian
1959  U.S Ana Frank’s diary George Stevens English Winner of three Oscar Awards , including Best Supporting Actress for Shelley Winters
1959  Italy Yugoslavia France Kapo Gillo Pontecorvo Italian



Year country Title director Language Notes
1945  U.S Death Mills Billy Wilder German
1945  Poland Majdanek: cmentarzysko Europy Aleksander Ford Polish
1945  U.S Nazi Concentration Camps 1 George Stevens English Presented as evidence in the Nuremberg Trials .
1945  U.S The Nazi Plan George Stevens English Presented as evidence in the Nuremberg Trials .
1945  Yugoslavia Jasenovac 2 Gustav Gavrin and Kosta Hlavaty
Circa 1946  United Kingdom Memory of the Camps 3 Alfred Hitchcock English Unfinished, later rebuilt by the US Public Broadcasting Service .
1946  U.S Seeds of Destiny Gene Fowler Jr. English It shows the devastation and requests funds for care.
1946  France Nous Continuons Yiddish Trafficking in children survivors of the Holocaust.
1947  Soviet Union Trials of Nuremberg C Svilov Russian Soviet Perspective of the Nuremberg Trials


Year country Title director Language Notes
1955  France Night and Fog Alain Resnais French Written by Jean Cayrol , a fugitive from the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp . Music by Hanns Eisler .


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