Annex: Jewish ghettos under the Nazi regime

List of ghetto Jews created by Nazi Germany between 1939 and 1945 , in the framework of the Second World War . The ghettos were created by Nazi Germany and its allies for the purpose of isolating and controlling the Jewish population in the territories they controlled. The vast majority of them were located in Eastern Europe .

Ghetto Location Population Functioning Deported to
Gueto of Andrychów  Poland 500 1942-1943. Auschwitz
Gueto of Baranovichi Belarus (until 1939 Poland) 15,000 1941-1943
Ghetto of Będzin  Poland 30,000 1942-1943. Auschwitz
Ghetto of Bełchatów  Poland
Gueto of Berdychiv Ukraine
Ghetto of Bershad Ukraine
Gueto of Beuthen Germany (now Poland)
Ghetto of Białystok Belarus (until 1939 Poland) 50,000 1941-1943 Treblinka
Ghetto of Brest Belarus (until 1939, Poland) 1941-1942
Ghetto of Budapest Hungary 70,000 1944-1945
Ghetto of Cluj-Napoca Romania 18,000 1944 Auschwitz
Ghetto of Krakow  Poland 30,000 1941-1943 Majdanek – Auschwitz
Ghetto of Częstochowa  Poland 48,000 1941-1943 Treblinka
Ghetto of Chortkiv Ukraine (until 1939, Poland) Belzec
Gueto of Drohobych Ukraine (until 1939, Poland) 1941-1943
Ghetto of Daugavpils Latvia 26,000 1941-1943 Kaiserwald
Ghetto of Dziatłava  Poland (now Belarus) 1941-1942
Ghetto of Grodno Belarus 1941-1943 Treblinka – Auschwitz
Ghetto of Kaunas Lithuania 40,000 1941-1943 Ponary
Ghetto of Kielce  Poland
Ghetto of Kletsk Belarus (until 1939, Poland) 2,000
Gueto of Lakhva Belarus (until 1939, Poland) 2,350 1941-1942
Ghetto of Lodz  Poland 204,000 1941-1944 Chelmno – Auschwitz
Gueto of Leópolis Ukraine (until 1939, Poland) 200,000 1941-1944 Belzec
Ghetto of Lubartów  Poland 1941-1942 Belzec – Treblinka
Ghetto of Lublin  Poland 34,000 1941-1943 Belzec
Gueto of Marcinkonys Lithuania (until 1939, Poland)
Ghetto of Medzhybizh Ukraine
Ghetto of Międzyrzec Podlaski  Poland 20,000 1940-1943
Ghetto of Minsk Belarus 100,000 1941-1943 Sobibor
Ghetto of Mińsk Mazowiecki  Poland
Ghetto of Otwock  Poland
Ghetto of Piaseczno  Poland
Ghetto of Piotrków Trybunalski  Poland 25,000 1939-1944 Treblinka
Ghetto of Pinsk Belarus 22,000 1941-1943
Ghetto of Przemysl  Poland 22,000
Gueto of Radomsko  Poland
Ghetto of Riga Latvia 30,000 1941-1943 Ponary – Auschwitz
Ghetto of Siedlce  Poland
Ghetto of Sosnowiec  Poland 45,000 1942-1943. Auschwitz
Ghetto of Tarnow  Poland 25,000 1942-1943. Belzec
Ghetto of Tłuszcz  Poland
Ghetto of Tomaszów Mazowiecki  Poland
Ghetto of Theresienstadt Bohemia and Moravia (now the Czech Republic) 144,000 1941-1945
Gueto of Trochenbrod Ukraine (until 1939, Poland)
Ghetto of Warsaw  Poland 300,000 1940-1943 Treblinka
Ghetto of Vilna  Poland (now Lithuania) 60,000 1941-1943
Ghetto of Vitebsk Belarus 16,000 1941