Animal euthanasia

Called animal euthanasia voluntary killing of an animal in order to end her suffering or prolonged agony. The term is also commonly used to refer to the killing of animals that have participated in a laboratory study (sampling, data collection), in fur farms or in the context of the prevention of epizootic diseases . It is also one of the methods of controlling animal populations .

In common parlance, the terms “sleep” or “shorten suffering” are used as euphemisms to mitigate the meaning of this word.

Legal aspects

In France , the operation must be carried out by a veterinary doctor .

In the case of animals deemed “dangerous”, the Rural Code allows mayors to take adequate measures to prevent the rambling of an animal deemed dangerous, including euthanasia, the responsibility of the owner or his guardian 1 .

In the laboratories, the euthanasia of the specimens is practiced by manipulators authorized to experiment on the animal, issued by the Prefecture .

Notes and references

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