Andrychów Ghetto

The ghetto Andrychów (in German Andrichau ) was a ghetto established by the Nazis in Poland occupied during World War II , to rally population Jewish . Located in the city of Andrychów .


The ghetto was established in 1942 and was located in the poorest part of the city. It included Szewska, Brzegi and Kośvitzkiego streets. It had a capacity for 500 people. A wall two meters high surrounded the central part of the ghetto, on Brzegi Street, while the other streets remained open. 1

From the beginning, the ghetto seemed to be operating according to an established pattern. It was a rule that the elderly, the sick and children under 10 years of age were transported to Auschwitz , while their place was occupied by others brought mainly from Nidek, Inwałd, Czaniec, Kęty, Żywiec Zablocie and Biała. 1

The final settlement of the Andrychów ghetto occurred on November 2 , 1943 .


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