Ameba (song)

Ameba ” is a song by Argentine rock band Soda Stereo , released on the album Dynamo , the band’s studio album.


The letter was written by Gustavo Cerati and speaks of a girl who goes from man to man, without stopping to involve feelings, without stopping to think about others. It simply goes through life without direction and without actually giving everything for a person, in this case he was one of them and could not do as she did and not involve feelings simply let himself be enveloped by it, as the amoeba wraps the paramecium to digest it.


The music was composed by Gustavo Cerati and Daniel Melero . The song starts with Charly ‘s drums and synthesizers, followed by Cerati’s guitar and Zeta bass . After the chorus is repeated for the second time, there is a small drum solo and synthesizers, and after this the chorus is repeated again. The melody of the song is heavily influenced by the end of Iggy Pop ‘s song “Mass Production .”

Live appearances

In the only tour that appears Ameba is in the Dynamo tour .