Always is today

It is always today is the third solo album of musician Argentine of rock Gustavo Cerati released on November 26, an album that follows the style of Bocanada (1999), although the elements of rock are partially present, and becomes more Emphasis on electronics. At first it was going to be really double, since it had a lot of material, but ended up being edited in a single disc due to the economic situation that crossed the country at that time. In the following year, 2003, a double album titled Reversiones: Siempre es hoy was released , composed by remixed versions of the majority of the songs of this album realized by great amount of musicians, among them: Miranda! , Dj Zucker , Adicta , among others.


Always is today received criticisms found by the specialists, mainly for being a long disc, however, contains several of the best musical creations of Gustavo Cerati as a soloist. His three singles, “Impossible Things,” “Karaoke,” and “Artifact” were quite successful on radio stations and music shows. Also featured are the songs «Vivo» and «Sudestada», in which Charly García participates as guest, «I do not believe you», «I was born for this», «I love to leave you like this», and «Species».

List of songs

No. Title Writer (s) Duration
1. “Impossible things” Cerati – Etcheto 5:05
2. “I do not believe you” (Contains a sample of Same Old Blues by Captain Beefheart) Cerati 3:46
3. “Artifact” Cerati – Etcheto 4:16
Four. «I was born for this» Cerati 3:09
5. I love to leave you like this Cerati 5:25 a.m.
6. « Your scar on me » Cerati 4:17
7. «Light signals» Cerati 3:24
8. « Karaoke » (Contains a sample of The Letter of Violet Parra ) Cerati 3:54
9. «Sulky» Cerati 4:29
10. « Home » Cerati – Etcheto 4:32
eleven. «Camouflage» (Contains a sample of The Eighth Day of The Damned) Cerati 3:55
12. “Altar” Cerati – Etcheto – Castaldi – Lira 4:01
13. “Ivory tower” Cerati 4:38
14. “Ghost” Cerati – Etcheto 3:19
fifteen. «Live» (Contains a sample of Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin) Cerati 4:20
16. «Sudestada» Cerati 4:31
17. “Species” Cerati 3:42


  • Gustavo Cerati : Voice, guitars, synths, mpc, rhodes, bass and programming.
  • Flavio Etcheto : Laptop, trumpet, guitar and sampler.
  • Leandro Fresco : Choirs, synths, sampler, rhodes and percussion.
  • Fernando Nalé: Bass and contrabass.
  • Pedro Moscuzza: Drums and percussion.
  • Javier Zuker: Scratches and loops.

Guest artists

  • Charly García : Piano and rhodes in «Vivo» and «Sudestada».
  • Camilo Castaldi : Rap in «Altar».
  • Sunday Cure : Bombs on «Sulky».
  • Deborah de Corral : Voices in «House» and «Ivory Tower». Whistling in «Altar».


  • Impossible things
  • Karaoke

In other media

  • “Ivory Tower” originally was composed by Cerati for the film Solo por Hoy , although the version used in the film presents several differences and is titled “Ailee” . 1
  • “Impossible Things” was used in a CTI Mobile advertisement . 2


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