Alter Kämpfer

Alter Kämpfer (in German “old fighter”, plural: Alte Kämpfer , “old guard”) was a term used in the Nazi party to refer to the first members of the party, 1 for example, those who were incorporated before their arrival at Power in Germany on January 30, 1933, especially from the first years of foundation, between 1919 and 1923. 2 As an “old guard” with a proven dedication to the movement in the so-called Kampfzeit (“fighting period”) of 1925- 1933, were distinguished from the new members of the party, who joined when they were already raised with power, perhaps opportunism. Three decorations were instituted for this distinction: 3

  • The Cabrio of honor of the old guard , granted to the members of the party or affiliated organizations before the 30 of January of 1933.
  • The Golden Party Plate , awarded to the first 100,000 party members. 4
  • The Order of Blood , for those who participated in the failed Putsch of Munich of 1923.


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