Alois Hitler (son)

Alois Hitler, Jr. , born Alois Matzelsberger ( Vienna , Austria – Hungary , 13 of January of 1882 – Hamburg , West Germany , 20 of maypole of 1956 ), was the son of Alois Hitler and Franziska Matzelsberger, and therefore was the middle Brother of Adolf Hitler .

Early years

On January 13, 1882, Franziska Matzelsberger gave birth to the illegitimate son of Alois Hitler , also called Alois, but as they were not married, the child’s last name was Matzelsberger, being called “Alois Matzelsberger”. Alois Hitler kept Matzelsberger as his wife as his lawful wife (Anna Glasl-Hörer) remained very ill and died on 6 April as as 1883 . The following month, on May 22 at a ceremony in Braunau with fellow customs officers as witnesses, Hitler, 45, married Matzelsberger, 21. He then legitimized his son as Alois Hitler, Jr. Alois Jr. was soon joined by a sister, Angela . When he was two years old, his mother died and his father married Klara Pölzl , with whom he had had a long-term relationship while deceiving his first wife with Franziska. According to his son, William Patrick Hitler , in the late 1890s, Alois left his parents’ house because of increasingly violent arguments against his father and apparently strained relations with his stepmother Klara. After working as an apprentice waiter at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin , Ireland , he was arrested for robbery and served a five-month sentence in 1900, followed by an eight-month sentence in 1902.


In 1909 he met an Irish woman named Bridget Dowling at the Dublin Horse Show . They fled to London and were married on June 3, 1910. Bridget’s father, William Dowling, threatened to report Alois to be arrested for kidnapping , but Bridget dissuaded him. The couple settled in Liverpool , where their son William Patrick Hitler was born in 1911. The family lived in an apartment at 102 Upper Stanhope Street. The house was destroyed in the last German anti-aircraft attack in Liverpool on January 10, 1942. Nothing remained of the house or those surrounding it, and the area was finally cleared and covered with grass. The memoirs of Bridget Dowling claim that Adolf Hitler lived with them in Liverpool between 1912 and 1913 while he was in the race for avoiding compulsory military service in his native Austria-Hungary . Alois tried to make money by installing a small restaurant on Dale Street, a guest house on Parlament Street and a hotel in Mount Pleasant, all of which failed. Finally, he left his family in May 1914 and returned alone to the German Empire to settle in the secure business of the barbershop . The First World War broke out soon after, leaving stranded Alois in Germany so it was impossible that his wife and son to join him. He married another woman, Hedwig Heidemann (or Hedwig Mickley), in 1916. After the war, a third party informed Bridget that he was dead. His second marriage was discovered by the German authorities and Alois was indicted for bigamy in 1924, but was acquitted because of Bridget’s intervention on his behalf. William Patrick stayed with Alois and his new family during his first trips to the Weimar Republic (Germany) in the late 1920s and early 1930s. In 1934 Alois established a restaurant in Berlin that became a place to drink Popular for the Sturmabteilung . He managed to keep the restaurant open during World War II . At the end of the war he was arrested by the British but was released when it became apparent that he had not played any role in his brother’s regime. His son with his second wife, Heinz Hitler , died in a Soviet prison in 1942 after being captured on the Eastern Front during the war.

Census information

In the UK census of 1911, Alois used the name of Anton Hitler, working as a waiter at the Jewish cafe Lyons in Toxteth Park . His wife, Bridget, used the name of Cissie, but William’s name remained unchanged. They were living with other families in a shared building (a boarding house ).