Alfred Meyer

Alfred Meyer ( Goettingen , 5 of October of 1891 – November of April of 1945 ) was a lawyer , military and political of Nazi Germany .


Meyer studied law and political economics . As an officer of the German Army during World War I , he was taken prisoner of war by the French in 1917 . After the war he worked as a mining officer in Gelsenkirchen. Meyer joined the Nazi Party in 1928 and was elected as a Deputy before the Reichstag and Gauleiter for North Westphalia in 1930 . 1

He was promoted to the position of Governor of Lippe and Schaumburg-Lippe in 1933 and in 1936 is appointed minister of State. In 1938 , Meyer is appointed Obergruppenführer ( Lieutenant General ) of the SS , as well as Administrative Chief of Westphalia .

In early 1941 he was appointed as Delegate to Alfred Rosenberg as Delegate and Representative of the Reich Ministry for the Occupied Territories.

Participated in the Conference of Wannsee in which the extermination of the Jews was planned 20 of January of 1942 .

Alfred Meyer committed suicide in the spring of 1945 .


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