Albert Mahieu (1942-2011)

Albert Mahieu ( Brussels , 16 August 1942 –) Is a businessman Brussels, financial consultant and company director , and also a Belgian politician.


It was the origin of several complaints against the justice including Assubel , the insurer earned after years of proceedings 1 .

In 1994, he took the defense of Jean-Pierre Van Rossem , implicated by the justice 2 .

In 1999, he presented his own theory about the killers of Brabant during a press conference , accusing American mafia circles opposed to Delhaize Group as the epicenter of the case 3 .

In 1999, Albert Mahieu was also elected in the Belgian regional elections of 1999 for the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region on the list of the living party of the businessman Roland Duchâtelet, of whom he was the only elected member of the Brussels region 1 , Before leaving the party and sitting as an independent regional councilor.

An anti-pedophile activist, he wrote to the president of the Assize Court of Arlon in particular about the Dutroux case .

In the case of pedophilia from the School of Eburons he will challenge the mayor and MEP Freddy Thielemans , but it will be rejected by a civil court and ordered to pay 300,000 Belgian francs ( 7436 euros in 1999) Damages to the person concerned 4 .

Albert Mahieu is also behind the law banning uranium weapons (or “depleted uranium”).

Albert Mahieu died by euthanasia onfollowing cancer 5 .


On April 20, 2012, on his Facebook page , Deputy Laurent Louis said that the case of Dutroux was entrusted to him by Albert Mahieu before his death, which would have asked him to continue the work that had begun so that The truth finally bursts forth . ”

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