Ain-Ervin Mere

Ain-Ervin Mere ( 22 of February of 1903 – Leicester , 5 of April of 1969 ) was a military Estonian higher, spy, official Obersturmbannführer of the SS and director of Group B of the Sicherheitspolizei, Security Police in Estonia, organized by the Authorities of Nazi Germany during the occupation of the Baltic countries in World War II and responsible for the murder of Estonian Jews and political opponents.

Between 1918 and 1940, Mere served in the Estonian Air Force, being secretly recruited in October 1940 as a spy by the Soviet NKVD service operating under the key name “Müller”. 1 , 2 From 1943, he was an officer of the 20th Division SS Waffen Grenadier (1st Estonia) fighting in the Narva and Battle battles of the Tannenberg Line . In February 1945 , Mere founded the Eesti Vabadusliit in Berlin together with the SS- Obersturmbannführer Harald Riipalu . 3 As director of the Security Police, on September 5, 1942, about 1,000 people were killed in a convoy from Terezin to Raasiku. On August 7, 1942 all the Jews who remained in Novogrudok were killed. Security Police groups also carried out support work for Nazi units during raids in search of Jews or escort to the Estonian camps.

Refugee in England, his extradition was demanded in 1961 without success by the Soviets for its prosecution by war crimes .

Notes and references

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