Adolf Hühnlein

Adolf Hühnlein ( Neustadt bei Coburg , Germany ; December as November as 1881 – Munich , Germany ; 18 as June as 1942 ) was a leader of the Nazi Party . He was the Korpsführer (Chief) of the National Socialist Motor Corps ( NSKK ) from 1934 until his death in 1942.

He attended the Gymnasium in Bayreuth and after High school launched the career officer in the troops of engineers Army Bavaria In 1912 attended the War Academy in Munich . In World War I was head of company , of battalion and at the end officer of Staff . He was decorated with the Iron Cross of Second Class and First Class in 1914, and later was awarded the Order of Germany on June 22, 1942.

All drivers of race cars were asked to become members of the NSKK, which Heinrich Himmler joined the SS after the disappearance of the Sturmabteilung (SA), a Nazi paramilitary organization that was eliminated on Long Knife Night And was replaced by SS.

Hühnlein often handed out trophies in the races of the German Grand Prix, accompanied by the whole Nazi propaganda assembly (flags, marches, banners, etc.).

The most famous driver of competition cars that could rival Hühnlein was Bernd Rosemeyer , who drove the Auto Union Silberpfeil (Auto Union Silver Arrow). He was considered the best race driver in 1936. Although he was a member of the NSKK, Rosemeyer, like many other drivers, never showed appreciation or respect for Hühnlein or the NSKK, which he was forced to join. Rosemeyer was the husband of the famous German pilot, Elly Beinhorn .