Adolf Hitler in popular culture

Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889-30 April 1945) was the leader of the German National Socialist Workers Party and Führer of the Third German Empire from 1933 to 1945.

Throughout his life and after his death, Hitler has been referenced and parodied in various ways in all media and cultural.


During his life

He has made numerous musical and literary works inspired by his figure.

Within Germany , Hitler has been described as a god loved and respected by his people, for example, in The triumph of the will , film coproduced by Hitler. With Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse became an exception after being censored by the Nazi Ministry of Propaganda. Most critics have considered Fritz Lang ‘s description of a homicidal maniac in a criminal empire without the walls of a criminal asylum that could well be the allegory of Nazism’s rise in Germany. [ Citation needed ] Another example of a cryptic description is the 1941 work of Bertolt Brecht , Der aufhaltsame Aufstieg des Arturo Ui , where Hitler is described in the main character, Arturo Ui a gangster of Chicago dedicated to extortion sale the cauliflower where he is savagely satirized. Brecht was of German nationality , when the Nazis came to power , did not hesitate to express his opposition to the National Socialist regime and fascist movements that were being added in many of his works.

Outside of Germany, Hitler has been described as a maniac or laughingstock. There are many notable examples in contemporary Hollywood films. In several short films of The Three Stooges , the first came with You Nazty Spy! Being the first production in which the figure of the dictator was satirized and to the Nazis, in this film, Hitler was represented by Moe Howard . This particular short film deepened the personal interests that were hidden after the rise of Hitler to the power, in this one illustrated the political disagreements between Hitler and the League of Nations . In another short film, Hitler is referred to as “Schicklgruber” in allusion to the birth name of his father . Charlie Chaplin also came to parody the Führer under the character of Adenoid Hynkel, dictator of Tomainia in his film The great dictator being this one of the most remembered parodies of Hitler of all time.

Especially during the Second World War it has been caricatured in numerous animated shorts, among which is Der Fuehrer’s Face production propagandist of Disney starring Donald Duck and Herr Meets Hare with Bugs Bunny . However, Hitler’s first appearance in a short animated Warner Bros. was on Bosko’s Picture Show in 1932 in a scene where Hitler appeared chasing Jimmy Durante with an ax. George Grosz drew Cain, or Hitler in Hell where he was showing a dead man attacking Hitler in hell . Photomontage artist John Heartfield frequently used the image of Hitler as the object of his satire during the lifetime of the Führer. In the Fritz Lang movie, Man Hunt , released in pre-war US cinemas, Hitler is seen as the target of a British sniper with his rifle. In Being or Not of Erns Lubitsch (as in the remake of Mel Brooks ), an actor from a Polish group imitates Hitler to help the group escape to England . In the early scenes of Citizen Kane , Charles Foster Kane is described as a support accusing Hitler.

Apart from the productions of Hollywood , Hitler has also appeared in several comic book superheroes , which fight the Fuhrer directly or indirectly in several publications during World War II form. Among the superheroes that faced Hitler are: Superman , Captain America , The Shield and Namor , as far as Hitler’s ally is the arch-nemesis of Captain America, Red Skull , established as an apprentice of the German leader himself.

As for music, Hitler has been mocked in various folk themes such as Stalin Was not Stallin ‘ or modify the lyrics of old songs to create songs like Hitler Has Only Got One Ball with the melody of Colonel Bogey March .

After his death

After his death , he continued to be described, but this time how somebody clumsy or incompetent. However, Hitler’s anti- Semitic policies were already known when he was still alive, but it was at the time of his death that the atrocities committed during the Holocaust were announced . Those events did not give him a break and in popular culture he was described as evil personified.

There are two notable examples of films describing the early life of Hitler and his rise to power. The 2002 film, Max starring Noah Taylor as Hitler during his days as a failed artist in Munich just before the First World War . John Cusack plays the homonymous character, a Jewish art dealer who sidesteps a young Hitler until he discovers how aggressive he is becoming after enlisting in the emerging NSDAP party as an anti-Semitic spokesman. In Hitler: The Reign of Evil , Robert Carlyle describes in a semi-critical way from his childhood to his promotion as Führer and Reichskanzler , thus completing his rise to dictatorial and totalitarian power in Germany.

In 1999, the film Molokh , directed by Alexander Sokurov depicts Hitler’s life at his residence near Berchtesgaden during the war .

His last days have been described in several films, one of them was Der Letzte Akt directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst ; The next was in the fifth and final season of the Soviet Osvobozhdenie series by Yuri Ozerov and starring Fritz Diez (actor who has always played Hitler in numerous films from East Germany ). In 1973, a British production company made a film for television: The Death of Adolf Hitler carried out by Frank Finlay , and Hitler: The Last Ten Days directed by Ennio of Concini . On television Americans premiered The Bunker , directed by George Schaefer and protegonizada by Anthony Hopkins . Finally , the Academy nominated Downfall , directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel and starring Bruno Ganz as Hitler. In a similar way he described his figure in his last hour in the bunker , the short film Hundert Jahre Adolf Hitler – Die letzte Stunde im Führerbunker by Christoph Schlingensief can not be considered a remake of previous films in the exact sense. In 2011 a controversial Indian production, Dear Friend Hitler , 1 evokes an epistolary contact of Mahatma Gandhi with Hitler, in order to appease it.

Other examples of representations on Hitler are the comedies , like the productions of Mel Brooks , one of them is the producers where a satirical work called Springtime for Hitler appeared that included several dancing nazis and songs on the conquest of Europe. Later he would make the film The Crazy History of the World where Hitler appeared skating in a called scene “Hitler on Ice”. Hitler also was represented in the film Valkiria where the plot focuses on the attempt suffered in 1944 against his life . “Hotel Berlin 1933” is another theatrical show where Hitler appears smiling surrounded by SA soldiers and walking among the public. Pablo Sodor (its author) received for this scene numerous criticisms (favorable and of the others).

Hitler has also been portrayed in experimental films . One of them was Hitler, 442-minute ein Film aus Deutschland divided into four segments directed by Hans-Jürgen Syberberg . The same formula was used in The Empty Mirror directed by Barry J. Hershey where it was speculated on what would happen if Hitler had survived to World War II where to today would undergo to a psychoanalysis organized by Sigmund Freud .

In fiction


  • Hitler’s Niece ( Ron Hansen ): History of fiction where it explains in parallel its incarnation until the power from years 20 until the 30 and its relation with his niece , who also thinks that it was his secret lover .
  • The man in the castle ( Philip K. Dick ): Alternative history when Hitler, after World War II , was confined to an asylum for mentally ill after contracting syphilis and its position was occupied by Martin Bormann and later Joseph Goebbels and possibly Reinhard Heydrich .
  • Settling Accounts ( Harry Turtledove ): Alternate history of the Timeline-191 collection, where Hitler remainscaptive of the German Army after the Second Reich ‘s victoryin World War I, on the other hand, Jake Featherston is the dictator of the Confederate States of America playing a role similar to the Führer during his term.
  • The Portage to San Cristobal of AH ( George Stainer ): Controversial novel where Hitler survives the end of the war and flee to the Amazon where it is found and trained by a group of cazanazis becoming benefactor of the Jews.
  • The seventh secret ( Irving Wallace ): Hitler and Eva Braun survive the war thanks to a double identity after usurping the identity of two victims of Nazism assassinated by Martin Bormann.
  • The Shadow in the Glass ( Stephen Cole and Justin Richards ): Spinn of Doctor Who’s Novel. The Sixth Doctor and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart discover the existence of the Fourth Reich led by Hitler’s son, Eva Braun has to hide his birth and commits two murders instead of his place.
  • The Berkut : It has been discovered that Hitler faked his own death after recreating an elaborate deception by making him appear as if he had Parkinson’s . He finally flees from Berlin with the help of an SS coloneland transferred to Russia where he is discovered by secret agents. After Stalin ‘s death, Hitler is executed.
  • The Boys from Brazil : Hitler conspires with Josef Mengele to clone himself before his death. With the Führer’s blood, a project begins in the 60’s to clone several Hitlers and distribute them all over the world. In the 21st century he manages to establish a Fourth Reich.
  • Hitler Journals : In 1983, Stern magazinepublished in Germany its daily assumptions after being found.


Hitler appeared on the stage through a play by Yukio Mishima in Japan , where he directed his work Tonari no Hitora detailing the Night of the Long Knives . On the other hand, the Hungarian George Tabori wrote a comedy called Mein Kampf depicting Hitler as a poor young man who comes to Vienna for a chance to become an artist. The Argentine Pablo Sodor surprised in 2004 with his work Hotel Berlin 1933 , where it sits to Hitler and the SS among the public. In The Dead of Night of Stanley Eveling Hitler appears like a minority personage


Several cult films have represented Hitler.

  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade : Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford battles a subdivision of the Nazi party attemptingto seize the Holy Grail , the protagonist attempts to salvage the diary (containing information about the Grail) from his father’s burning of Books , there he meets Hitler, who does not know the importance of the book.
  • Children of Brazil : Focuses on Nazi fugitives trying to clone Hitler.
  • The producers : Two theater entrepreneurs decide to produce a Broadway musicalabout Hitler with the intention of that it fails.
  • Molokh : Describes 24 hours of the Führer’s personal life. She was awarded the best screenplay at the Cannes Film Festival .
  • They Saved Hitler’s Brain : It’s a science fiction moviewhere Nazi officials extractHitler’s latent brain and hide it in a fictitious South American country called Mandoras.
  • Fukkatsu no fusion !! Gokū to Vegeta : Film derived from Dragon Ball , Hitler escapes from hell and tries to subdue the city to its control, soon is defeated by Gotenks . In dubbing in English it is referred to as “The Dictator”.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Shamballa Conquistador : It is a film derived from the series Fullmetal Alchemist , The plot of the film is set in 1923 where the alchemists try to prevent Hitler from seizing power, the year in which the film matches With the frustrated coup with which Hitler wanted to seize power.
  • Little Nicky : Hitler appears in hell dress maid style Lolita as punishment for their crimes , their punishment, apart from going dress this way ,should have that mess pineapples by rectally . At the end of the film appears in the same situation, only that instead of the pineapple, they put through the same site two of the main characters of the film trapped in a bottle.
  • Inglourious Basterds : Two members of the “Bastards” plan to kill Hitler while attending the opera in occupied France .
  • The Hitler Clone : The legend that during World War II Germans experimented with human fetuses and stem cells and achieved the old dream of eternal life for Adolf Hitler, at least through genetically equal copies, which perhaps An education and experiences similar to those experienced by the Führer could, after a few years, reclaim the throne which the Allies snatched from him. According to the Mossad’s secret archives one of those copies could have been born in Mexico

TV series

  • South Park : Hitler has been referenced in several episodes, for example The Passion of the Jew . Other plots focus on Cartman who pretends to be Hitler (whom he sees as his idol in Make Love, Not Warcraft says in a sentence “If you could travel back in time and stop Hitler, would you act correctly?” I personally, I would not do it, because I think he’s an awesome guy, but … “), in Pinkeye he disguises himself during Halloween. In the episode The Great Teatje , Cartman has a poster of the Führer in his attic. In Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics Hitler appears singing in hell the carol O Tannenbaum .
  • Monthy Python : Hitler has appeared in several sketches along with his friends Ribbentrop and Himmler in a Somerset housebeing introduced to other guests for the reunification of Taunton and Minehead . [ Citation needed ]
  • The Simpsons : Hitler has appeared in several episodes, in Rosebud can be seen from his bunker bearing the bombings on Berlin and blaming a teddy bear (to make him lose the war) owned by Montgomery Burns that the latter misplaced . In “ Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson” in “The Curse of the Flying Hellfish” , Abraham Simpson recalls when he fought in World War II as a sergeant and attempted to kill Hitler, but he was wrong because of Montgomery Burns who was playing tennis, Ball deflected the sight of the rifle failing the shot. In Bart vs. Australia is suggested that Hitler is still alive and that currently resides in Argentina , when Bart makes random international calls, the Führer himself picks up the phone without receiving a response. In Viva Ned Flanders , Homer discovers that Barney Gumble was born on the same day as Hitler .
  • Futurama : There are several references. In the episode A Clone of My Own , by Professor Farnsworth , the public considered hypocritical for being in favor of saving Hitler’s brain, however believes that trasplantarle the brain to a white shark is “going too far”. In The Honking , Calculon says that the Satan Project was built with the evil chunks of all the cars used by evil people, including Hitler’s car rims. In I Dated a Robot , a man suddenly becomes Hitler parodying the episode of Unknown Dimension : The Man in the Bottle .
  • DAAS Kapital : The group Doug Anthony All Stars interprets their song Mexican Hitler just as one of the characters suffers hallucinations after seeing a Mexican versionof Hitler. [Citation needed ]
  • Bottom : One of the main characters was called “Edward Elizabeth Hitler”. After asking if he has any family ties to Adolf Hitler, Edward replies that on one occasion he may have been his mother.
  • Heil Honey I’m Home! : It was a British sitcomstyle 50 on Hitler and Eva Braun , who live in a suburban area that sharesneighborhood with a Jewish neighbors. The first season consisted of 8 episodes, but only it was emitted 1 due to the bad taste of the program so much for the viewers as for the executives of the series.
  • Family father : Hitler is a recurring character in the series and has been referenced in quite subrealistic ways, only once was true: In 8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter , when Hitler and Braun were in the bunker Challenging himself to see who swallowed the cyanide tablet first. In Death Has A Shadow you can see a Hitler complexed by his physical appearance in a gym while around him is a muscular Jew with two women, which may be the reason for his hatred of the Jews . In Holy Crap appears in hell along with other criminals. In the episode Death Is a Bitch , death explains to Peter how the world would be if Hitler were still alive, as an example shows him presenting a talk show where he interviews Christian Slater , later appears a subtitle in German: “213-DU WIRST EINE KRANKENSCHWESTER BRAUCHEN! ” (213-NEED A DOCTOR! “). At Believe It or Not, Joe’s Walking on Air appears in a flashback riding on a unicycle while doing juggling with fish after Cleveland declared not like programs that interrupt the plot to put any nonsense (In clear reference to Father of family and their random flashbacks), in another scene of the same episode they return to the flashback so that Peter hits tohimto the viewers with whom “They had planned it from the beginning.” In Untitled Griffin Family History , Hitler Appears as Peter’s distant uncle, who put the Führer on his nerves. In Road to Germany , Stewie and Brian travel to Nazi Germany and this firstdisguisesof Hitler to rob plutonio until they are discovered by the own Hitler, who Is offered to forgive their lives if they dance a melody.In 420 are real images of the Führer giving a speech before their town, but with the audio folded to promote a campaign against marijuana , Peter, who bends Hitler makes mention of the victims Of the holocaust in saying that he had the idea of ​​killing 6 million Jews while smoking a joint , at the end of the video also makes mention of the invasion of France , on the other hand Carter tells him that FOX has the rights of Image of the Führer and do not wish to be slandered. In No Meals on Wheels , Peter installs in his garden a scarecrow with the face of Hitler whom he calls “Scared Jews” tired of Mort beating things up.
  • Unknown Dimension : During several episodes, Hitler has made an appearance. In He’s Alive , Hitler’s spirit serves as inspiration for a neo-Nazi . In The Man in the Bottle , a genius agrees to grant a man, four wishes, which prompts him to promote in life and be powerful, but discovers that he has become Hitler himself and is in World War II, When suddenly an SS officer hands him a bottle of cyanide saying ” for you and Mrs. Braun .” Frightened, he takes advantage of his last wish to ask that everything be as before. A time traveler tries to alter the past in various ways in No Time Like the Past , an example is to kill Hitler in 1939. Another similar episode is Cradle of Darkness where the plot focuses on a time traveler back to the times in That Hitler was a baby. The woman kidnaps the child and goes to a bridge where he kills and then commits suicide. The housekeeper who followed them is horrified at the crime, but does not tell the parents of the deceased infant for fear of reprisals, later bribes a homeless woman to sell her son and is replaced by the child Deceased without his relatives knowing, as he grows up, he becomes the Hitler that everyone knows.
  • The Justice League : Hitler has appeared in a three-part episode entitled: The Savage Time where he is cryogenized by Vandal Savage who has just discovered how to win the war. When the Justice League stops him, Hitler is thawed and restored as a dictator of Germany.
  • Code Monkeys : As in The Justice League , Hitler is cryogenized and kept secret by his family. Dave and Black unfreeze Hitler by accident.
  • The Critic : In the episode “M” for Mother , Jay Sherman is compared by the audience as someone worse than Hitler, the audience states that Sherman “is not warm or affectionate.”

Hitler has also appeared in other series: Aqua Teen Hunger Force , Hysteria , Red Dwarf , Hey Arnold! And El chapulín colorado


Hitler’s Parodies on YouTube

Clips parodies of the film Der Untergang (2004) have proliferated on Youtube and other video sites. These parodies are usually made from the scene where Hitler learns that Steiner had not been able to carry out his orders, reacting with a tantrum to his generals. In general, the parodies are constituted by original scenes of the film, to which the subtitles were changed in English, by others not related to the originals; Mostly to make Hitler express his displeasure to current events, or issues of daily life. Another very used scene is that in which Hitler is informed by Otto Günshe that the SS-Gruppenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein is not in the bunker.

The director of the film spoke positively about the parodies in an interview for the magazine New York in 2010, however, Constantin Film blocked many of them on Youtube between the 21 of April of 2010 and October of the same year, currently limited to add ads To videos.

Most parodies are made in English, and also tend to be the most complex, including special effects, complex stories, animation, music videos made from the pronunciation of German, the introduction of clips, people and characters from other series Or films (such as Inspector Clouseau , Mr. Bean , Eduard Khil , Iosif Stalin , Nicolae Ceaucescu , Muhammar Gaddafi , etc.) and whose authors – who called themselves Untergangers 2 because of their devotion to making parodies of Der Untergang – perform on a regular basis , Becoming the only type of video on your YouTube channels in many cases. However, parodies are also found in other languages, including Spanish. Although the behavior of the characters depends on the author of the parodies, in general certain regularities are appreciated:

  • Hitler is a grumpy and grumpy man who barely tolerates the idiocy of his generals.
  • Willhelm Monhke is the second informant of Hitler, due to its last name receives the nickname of “Monkey” or “Bonkers”, pronunciation of this one.
  • Hermann Göring is defined as an obese of colossal proportions, able to eat alive to whole people and destroy the bunker with his diarrhea.
  • Otto Günsche is the informant with little intelligence, who generally is dedicated to notifying to Hitler of obvious or insignificant things.
  • Hermann Fegelein is the “Master of Jokes”, almost all the time practicing in the Führer mischief that goes from frightening him with a Youtube video or sending him a letter wishing him happy Hanukkah , even running over him with a truck, throwing him without a plane parachute in Flying, flooding the bunker or manipulating space and time, converting them all into a flash animation. 3 4 He has great knowledge of electronics, mechanics and quantum physics among other sciences, often creates his own tools and when he does, the name tends to carry the prefix “Fegel-“; Thus, a bomb created by Fegelein happens to be a “Fegel-bomb”, even originating companies of the same form as “Fegel-Air” or “Fegel-Oil”.
  • Hans Krebs is generally depicted as an amateur of maps and fish, often called “mapophile” or “piscifile”, has great knowledge of geography, but he is enraged if they interrupt his explanations.
  • Wilhelm Burgdorf appears drunk almost all the time, being a fan of vodka and very temperamental. He has a sharp voice that led him to be a successful musician in the fictional universe of the parodies.
  • Alfred Jodl is defined as a bald protestor and almost always opposes Hitler’s plans, giving his point of view and the reasons why he would be destined to fail.
  • Joseph Goebbels is characterized as a zombie, dubbed “Skeletor” by the other occupants of the bunker. His tantrums are almost as powerful as Hitler’s.
  • Albert Speer is a serious character, who usually endorses the Führer when it comes to fighting Fegelein’s antics, but also provides him with the tools to make Hitler angry.

In music

  • Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend by Mr. T Experience
  • Hitler as Kalki from Current 93
  • Hitler Has Only Got One Ball
  • Hitler Was a Sensitive Man by Anal Cunt
  • Hitler Was a Vegetarian by The Residents
  • Springtime for Hitler from the movie The Producers by Mel Brooks
  • A Very Little Nazi by Tommy Handley
  • Who Is That Man (Who Looks Like Charlie Chaplin)? By Tommy Handley
  • Der Fuehrer’s Face by Spike Jones
  • The Fletcher memorial home of Pink Floyd Appears in the video clip playing with her toys.
  • Mr. Hitler Blues song of the American singer Leadbelly of 1942

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