A missile in my closet

A missile in my wardrobe is a song by the Argentine rock band Soda Stereo , published in its namesake debut album in 1984 and composed by the guitarist and vocalist of the band Gustavo Cerati . It was one of the songs of Soda Stereo that did not have the impact and repercussion of others, between the albums “Soda Stereo” and “Nada Personal” of the Eighties, but which is remembered for its harmonic composition between melodica and ” sad”. In 1996-The MTV chain puts the televised concerts unplugged (*) – and Soda Stereo, without missingthe appointment, makes the new version, which was released as simple that year. The same is more remembered by the generational people of the eighties, but is strongly remembered also the original by previous followers to the unplugged. This song is usually interpreted in different ways, it is related to a couple infidelity. In Cerati’s words: “I was once browsing a Playboy magazine, and I saw a cartoon, where a guy found a missile [lover] in his girlfriend’s wardrobe”


On a radio show, Cerati said he was inspired by a joke contained in a copy of ‘ ‘ Playboy . In the words of Cerati: “On one occasion I was flipping through a magazine Playboy, and I saw a cartoon where a guy was a missile in the closet [wardrobe] his girlfriend” [ citation needed ] . Another interpretation is linked to the influence of the Malvinas War, which occurred in 1982. The lyrics can allude to the arms race and how war can impact on the daily lives of people. That sensation was something palpable in 1982 (when Soda Stereo was formed), when people feared bombings and missile attacks in the city of Buenos Aires [ citation needed ] . Recently, Zeta, the bass player of the band, in an interview confirmed that the lyrics come from an image that was left to Gustavo while browsing a Playboy and where you see a couple having sex and to the side a wardrobe containing a missile. Gustavo had previously commented that at that time the feeling of fear about the Malvinas was tremendous and that in some cases the subject was even led to some popular songs, putting as an example “Do not Bombardeen Buenos Aires” by Charly García [ citation needed ] .


The original version of 1984 released on the disc Soda Stereo is a song of new wave sound with a rhythm of reggae rock . The unplugged version is almost totally opposite to the original. Besides being acoustic, it has a change of rhythm, sound and style, being more alternative and slow. Another difference is that Gustavo Cerati , at the beginning, touches the introduction in guitar of ” Chrome Waves “, song included in the album Going Blank Again (1992) of the British group Ride . In the live version of “A missile in my wardrobe”, the chorus occurs three times, in contrast, in the version of study is repeated four times.

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“A missile in my wardrobe”

(*) Unplugged: From the Inlgés: Unplugged. The rules of the television program were that the artist of turn touched their subjects with instruments “without plugging”, replacing them with acoustic guitars and percussion among others. Something that was not achieved, but rather, gave rise to a new modality, that of “versioning” the themes in a Chilldout environment. Some, like Soda Stereo, made a record of that concert. In this case: Comfort and Music to Fly.