A Love to Hide

A Love to Hide (in Spanish, a love for hide ) is a French film for television of the year 2005 directed by Christian Faure, with script of Pascal Fontanille and Samantha Mazeras.


It runs 1942. Sara, Jean and Philippe try to survive in Paris occupied by the Nazis. Sara is Jewish and Jean and Philippe are a homosexual couple. When Sara’s family is murdered, she goes to look for Jean, her love of adolescence. But now Jean has assumed his sexuality and maintains a relationship with Philippe. Sara will be hiding in Philippe’s house, who through her contacts in the resistance will be able to give Sara a false identity under the name of Yvonne Brunner. Jean will be falsely accused of being the lover of an officer of the Wehrmacht and will be deported to the concentration camps.


  • Luchon Film Festival (2005)
    • Special jury award
    • Audience Award
    • Best screenplay
    • Best Actress (Louise Monot)
    • Best Actor (Nicolas Gob)
  • Miami LGBT Film Festival (2006)
    • Best Film (Jury Award)
    • Best Film (Audience Award)
  • International Lesbian and Gai Film Festival of Madrid (2007)
    • Best Film (Jury Award)
    • Best Direction (Christian Faure)
  • Lesbian and Gai Film Festival of Andalusia ( 2008 )
    • Best film

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