Veil Law

The Veil Law is a law French promulgated on 17 January as as 1975 that decriminalized abortion . It receives its name by its propeller, Simone Veil . This law completed the Neuwirth Act that since 1972 legalized contraception (date of the first applications of the law but had been voted in 1967). 1

Decriminalization of abortion in France

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With the Veil Law, voluntary termination of pregnancy ( IVE ) was decriminalized or legalized and induced abortion could be performed under certain conditions:

Voluntary and medical interruption of pregnancy – IME and IVE

The voluntary termination of pregnancy ( IVE ) in France, can be practiced at the request of the woman up to 14 weeks from the first day of last menstrual period (or up to 12 weeks of pregnancy), while the medical termination of pregnancy ( IME ) has Limit in time and can be practiced at any time of pregnancy in case of severe malformations of the fetus or even in case of mortal danger for the pregnant woman.

Voluntary abortion (IVE) – up to 12 weeks

  • Up to 10 weeks of pregnancy (from 2001 to the 12th week) 1 2
  • At the request of the pregnant woman

Medical abortion (IME) – at any time during pregnancy

  • After the established legal period and with the authorization of experts:
  • There is a risk to the life or health of the pregnant woman
  • There is severe and incurable disease for the fetus


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