Those who will see God

Those who will see God is a film filmed in colors of Argentina directed by Rodolfo Blasco on the script of Vito De Martini thatpremieredthe 28 of February of 1963 and that had like protagonists to Oscar Rovito , Bárbara Mujica , Luis Dávila , Alberto Bello And Beatriz Bonnet .


A young couple chooses to abort because of a lack of financial resources.


  • Oscar Rovito
  • Barbara Mujica
  • Luis Dávila
  • Alberto Bello
  • Beatriz Bonnet
  • Pablo Moret
  • Luis Calan
  • Julio de Grazia
  • George Hilton
  • Mariela Reyes
  • Diana Ingro
  • Rosángela Balbo
  • Carmen Morales
  • Darío Vittori


Jorge Miguel Couselo said in his chronicle in Correo de la Tarde :

“A pretentious and trivial story … not one more efectivismo more fits in the book of Vito de Martini, are all.”

For their part, Manrupe and Portela write:

“Beyond its flaws has the peculiarity of taking abortion as the central theme for the first time in Argentine cinema.”


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