The Cider House Rules

The Cider House Rules (in Spain: The House Rules Cider in Mexico and Argentina: The Cider House Rules ) is a film American directed by Lasse Hallström and released in 1999 .


Homer Wells is an orphan who does not lack family. He has grown up in the St. Cloud’s orphanage under the unconventional yet tender tutelage of Dr. Wilbur, who has never stopped giving affection to his boys. But as Homer becomes a man and realizes the wide range of possibilities that life offers him, he begins to doubt and question Dr. Wilbur’s methods.


It is directed by the Swedish Lasse Hallström , author of films like My life as a dog , Who loves Gilbert Grape? O Something to talk about .

It is based on the novel of John Irving Princes of Maine, kings of New England , of which he himself has realized the script. Other films based on Irving’s novels are The World According to Garp , The New Hampshire Hotel or The Unforgettable Simon Birch .

Other directors undertook the project to make this film, such as Ang Lee or Michael Winterbottom, but they left because of discrepancies with the author of the novel.

It stars Tobey Maguire ( The Ice Storm , Dismounting Harry , Pleasantville , Spiderman ) who replaced Leonardo DiCaprio with whom the director had already worked on Who Loves Gilbert Grape? .

Also involved are Michael Caine , who was not seen since Little voice ; Charlize Theron ( Celebrity , The Face of Terror , My Great Friend Joe ), Paul Rudd ( Clueless , Much More Than Friends ) and Kieran Culkin ( A World to Your Measure ).

The film was presented at the 1999 Venice Film Festival and won the Golden Globe for Best Screenplay.

He won seven Oscar nominations and won two of them: Oscar for Best Supporting Actor , ( Michael Caine ) and Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay , ( John Irving ).


Oscar 1999

Category Person Result
Oscar for Best Picture Candidate
Oscar to the best director Lasse Hallström Candidate
Oscar for Best Supporting Actor Michael Caine Winner
Oscar to the best script adapted John Irving Winner
Oscar for the best soundtrack Rachel Portman Candidate
Oscar to the best artistic direction David Gropman
Beth Rubino
Oscar to the best montage Lisa Zeno Churgin Candidate

Golden Globes

Year Category Result
Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor Michael Caine Candidate
Golden Globe for Best Screenplay John Irving Candidate