The Blame (telefilm)

The blame is a Spanish telefilm directed by Narciso Ibáñez Serrador included in Movies not to sleep .


In the 70’s, Ana is a gynecologist who lives in a small town and combines her work in a Social Security center with the private consultation she has at home. When Gloria, a young nurse and single mother begins to work in the same hospital, Ana welcomes her and her daughter Vicky in her house in exchange for help in the private consultation. Soon the doctor begins to feel attracted to the young nurse. Gloria begins to feel restless about a series of events that take place in the house …


  • Snow of Medina : Ana Torres
  • Montse Mustard : Gloria
  • Alejandra Lorenzo : Vicky
  • Mariana Cordero : Teresa
  • Asunción Díaz : Consuelo
  • Elena de Frutos : Aurora