Steps (song)

Pasos ” is a song by Argentine rock band Soda Stereo . The song was written and composed by Gustavo Cerati, and recorded for his album Sueño Stereo .


The song was written in Mexico during the Dynamo Tour at the same time he composed. I take you to take me . The song seems to speak of following in the footsteps of his partner, since that tour did it in company of Cecilia taking advantage that it was of vacations in the university. Then Gustavo decided to pause the band and go live in Chile next to what would be his future wife. This is explained when Cerati says: The sea sounds … I prefer to follow your steps .


The song begins with the sound of synthesizers and the bass, followed by the voice of Cerati and the electric guitar. After a few seconds the battery and the acoustic guitar begin.


The only known version (in addition to the original) is the album Comfort and music to fly , and is also played on the Streeway Dream Tour .