Slippers in the region Braunau am Inn

In the region Braunau am Inn refers to the more than 9,000 (stings) or Stolpersteine that since 1996 the artist of Cologne ( Germany ) Gunter Demnig mounted in commemoration to the victims of National Socialism .


On 11 August of 2006 Demnig mounted hindrance in eight municipalities in the district Braunau am Inn ( Austria ), native district of Adolf Hitler , making it the first Austrian region commemorating the victims of National Socialism .

The cubes are placed on the sidewalk or the street in front of the door of the last domicile of people who were victims of Nazi Germany . The eleven buckets commemorate the Jehovah ‘s Witness Anna Sax (Braunau am Inn), the four communistas and socialist Franz Amberger, Aldolf Wenger (both Braunau am Inn), Johann Lenz and Josef Weber (both Hackenbuch / Moosdorf), the conscientious objector Franz Jägerstätter (Sankt Radegund), Father Ludwig Seraphim Binder (Maria Schmolln), Gypsy Johann Kerndlbacher (Hochburg-Ach), victims of military justice Franz Braumann (Sankt Veit im Innkreis) and Engelbert Wenger (Altheim) as well as Michael Nimmerfahl (Braunau am Inn), assassinated by the Gestapo during the arrest.

The restrictions were inaugurated before local politicians, the press and local population.


In 1997 the “KNIE” artistic initiative had already invited Demnig to Oberndorf bei Salzburg . The involuntary destruction of two “bridges” for Jehovah’s Witnesses Johann and Matthias Nobis in Sankt Georgen bei Salzburg, political scientist Andreas Maislinger , a native of the region, invited Gunter Demnig to renew the cubes and place others in the neighboring district, Braunau am Inn.