Reichszentrale to fight homosexuality and abortion

The Reichszentrale to fight homosexuality and abortion (“Empire Central for the Fight against Abortion and Homosexuality”) was a police institution dependent on the SS of Nazi Germany . It was the fundamental instrument of National Socialism during the Third Reich for the persecution of homosexuals and abortion .


The Reichszentrale was created 10 of October of 1936 by a special decree of the Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler , within the reorganization of the Reichskriminalpolizeiamt , at the same time that the criminal police was created Kripo . Its creation was the signal of the reactivation of the persecution of the homosexuals after the relative calm during Olympic Games of 1936 . The task of the Reichszentrale was the collection of data on homosexuals.

In 1940 they already had data on some 41,000 homosexuals, both suspected and convicted.

The central data file allowed the Reichszentrale to introduce and coordinate the persecution and punishment of homosexuals. To this end, special mobile commands were available to him, which could also act in an executive way.

Its director until 1938 was the official of the SS Josef Meisinger . Later it would be the criminal adviser Erich Jacob . From July 1934, Jacob became a criminologist director and at his side, as scientific director, was appointed psychiatrist and neurologist Carl-Heinz Rodenberg . 1 Both had at their disposal a flat of 17 workers. The collection of chips, believed to be about 100,000, was probably destroyed in the last days of the War.

In a campaign against the Catholic Church , many Catholic religious were arrested on charges of homosexual acts. 2


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