Rapture (song)

Rapto ” is a song by the Argentine rock musician Gustavo Cerati , written by him and his son Benito Cerati , for the composer’s fifth studio album, Fuerza Natural . It is the seventh track of the album and November 5, 2009 was announced and released as the second single of the same. 1


The news that the song was going to be the second cut of Natural Strength expanded rapidly. First, the same Cerati uploaded on the popular video site YouTube the cover of the single next to the song. 2 Later, on the artist’s site at Sony Music, an e-card was published announcing “Rapto: new single from Fuerza Natural”. 3 Other official sites that echoed the news were the official site of Gustavo 4 and Twitter also official singer. 5 In Chile , the news was broadcast mainly by the “Shows” section of Channel 13 . 6

«Rapto» chose this song for the commercial soundtrack of Saga Falabella , promoting his line of clothes.


When Natural Force came out , the popular website AllMusic named ” Rapto ” as one of the album’s top three tracks ( alongside “Amor sin rodeos” and “Sal”). 7 On the other hand, Edson Sánchez, from the blog LBE Digital, said in his review that “Rapto” is one of the best songs of the album, being one of his favorite and most listened. 8 Magazine Trecho noted that the track has notorious and satisfactory riffs , and also that it has one of the best musical phrases of the LP. Referring to Fig.

In short, “Rapture” is one of the most acclaimed themes of Fuerza Natural , so it was not surprising that it was the second single from the album. 10

Data sheet

  • Sterling Campbell – battery.
  • Byron Isaacs – bass.
  • Gustavo Cerati – voice, electric guitars and programming.
  • Gonzalo Córdoba – electric guitars.
  • Leandro Fresco – additional programming.


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