Rafael Lopez-Dieguez

Rafael Lopez-Dieguez Rafael López-Diéguez Gamoneda ( Madrid , 1958 ) is a Spanish lawyer and politician .


It is the Secretary General of Spanish Alternativa a political party Spanish of extreme right . He was a candidate, as head of his party’s list, in the 2009 European Parliament elections . He is a lawyer and MBA from Instituto de Empresa .

He is married to María Fernanda Piñar Gutiérrez , daughter of Blas Piñar and graduated in History, with whom she has six children. He is a practicing Catholic and claims to defend the moral values ​​of the Catholic Church. 1 Former member of the Youth Force organization, the youth branch of New Force , in February unveiled in organizing and leading protests against representation in Madrid of the work I shit on God , of Inigo Ramirez de Haro , considered blasphemous and secularist by Part of the majority of Catholics and the extreme right. 3


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