Puputan is a Balinese term for collective suicide ritual as an alternative to surrender to the enemy. The two best known took place in 1906 and in 1908 when Bali was invaded by the Dutch East Indies Army . It is estimated that between the two episodes killed more than four thousand people who preferred suicide rather than submit to colonizers. 1

The Puputan of 1906

In 1904 a Dutch ship that wrecked near Sanur , in the island of Bali, was plundered by the inhabitants of the locality. The colonial authorities of the Dutch East Indies demanded compensation to the Raja of Badung, but the latter refused to pay it. As a reprisal the Dutch government landed an army that was seizing all the localities of the island arriving at the capital, Denpasar , in the autumn of 1906. When the authorities understood that the resistance was useless they appealed to carry out a puputan or Collective ritual suicide. The nobles began stabbing themselves in the chest with a kris dagger and followed a good part of the rest of the population. Two years later a second Dutch invasion took place, which gave rise to a new puputan. 1


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