Priests for Life

Priests for Life ( Priests For Life ) is an organization for Catholic life based in Staten Island , New York . It functions as a network to promote pro-life activism with the main objective of ending abortion and euthanasia and spreading the Gospel of life , which is based on the homonymous encyclical of Pope John Paul II .


The organization began in 1991 through the work of Father Lee Kaylor , 1 a Catholic priest working in the Archdiocese of San Francisco ; Father Kaylor learned of a new legal project that would be proposed in Sacramento , California , which he considered contrary to the cause pro life, because of this he decided to write to all Catholic priests of California, along with his two friends, Father Frank Felice and Father Voight Emmerick , trying to consolidate an opposition to the legislation. 2 Father Kaylor received a broad positive response in the form of letters and funding for his cause. 2 He decided to establish a group that could coordinate the pro-life activities of the clergy by encompassing the country in order to be more effective in its mission. 1 The result of his organization returned to have positive answers so he addressed to Archbishop John R. Quinn to request the canonical approval of the group. 2 They obtained approval on April 30, 1994 to form a private Association of the Faithful, being admitted to the Official Catholic Directory. 1 2

In 2003, they were granted non-governmental Organization status by the United Nations .


Although only bishops, priests and Catholic deacons can be main members, auxiliary members also exist since the canonical status of the organization is Private Association of Christian Faithful. 3 They have about 60 full-time employees. Its national director is Father Frank Pavone . Priests for life exist to show the clergy how the “Culture of Death” is fought. 4

On August 1, 2012, there was a Special Order in the United States Congress led by Rep. Michele Bachmann , highlighting the 20th anniversary of Priests for Life and its importance in today’s world. Representatives also spoke for a total of 35 minutes supporting the organization, these were Chris Smith , Jeff Fortenberry , Jean Schmidt , Louie Gohmert and Tim Walberg . The event was broadcast by C-SPAN . 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Demand for the HHS Mandate

On February 15, 2012, the organization became the fourth nationwide to file a lawsuit against the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) warrant, under the administration of President Barack Obama, on the grounds that such Was “unconstitutional at various levels”. 12 13 14 The lawsuit was filed in the District Court of the Eastern District of New York. fifteen

Graphic images

Through the internet, the organization provides a collection of pictures of live babies and aborted babies. 16 The photos have also been physically distributed. 17 According to Pavone: “There is not one single thing more powerful in order to change people about abortion simply to show them the images … When people see what an abortion does to a baby, it reaches the heart and their consciences Wake up. ” 18


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