Pink Triangle Park

The Pink Triangle Park ( Pink Triangle Park ) is a small triangular park located at the intersection of 17th and Market streets in San Francisco , California . It is the first permanent public memorial in the United States remembering the thousands of homosexuals persecuted in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust . 1


The Triangle Rose Park was inaugurated on December 10, 2001 by the Association for the Promotion of Eureka Valley. 2 According to the community group that maintains the space, the Triangulo Rosa Park serves as a “physical reminder of how the persecution of any person or group of people harms all of humanity.” 1

The order was given to artists Robert Bruce , one of the founding members of STOP-AIDS San Francisco, and Susan Martin . In the words of the artists,


Outline of the park.

Fifteen triangular columns of granite , one for every thousand people gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people estimated to have been killed during the Holocaust, 1 surround a filled triangle with pink granite in the middle of the park. The triangular theme recalls the pink triangle that was imposed by the Nazis on homosexuals to wear on their clothes as identification and symbol of shame.


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