Pez Speakers

The talkative fish are warriors in the fictional saga of Dune , written by Frank Herbert .

The talkative fish are the warriors of Leto II . The Tyrant (Leto II) saw women more efficient as warriors, as they had no enemy to fight, male armies tended to fight each other. Women, on the other hand, are a sign of fertility and life.

The army of Talking Fish is mostly made up of women. Men only play the role of counselors or Commanders, as in the case of Ghola Duncan Idaho. All talkative fish are trained in combat, as well as true deists. His warrior role is supposed to be involved only in a battle from which we later learn from references of an Ixian witness who has been captured and is impressed by his ferocity in the struggle.

The name “Fish Talkers” comes from an old legend in which it was said that the women talked with the fish in dreams.

In Heretics of Dune , transcending several centuries later, the talkative fish are both men and women and maintain a small delegation in Dune, engaging both in commerce and espionage. They continue to revere Leto II but they have a very small role and it is clear that they have come a lot less.